Surfshark VPN Extension Review

Surfshark VPN extension is a rather new VPN provider in the industry, but in this short span of time, it has managed to garner quite a bit of attention and respect for itself, but why? Why is it special? Or is it worth your time and money? That’s what I’ll bring forth in this Surfshark VPN extension review.

What is Surfshark VPN Extension?

Surfshark is a browser extension, which can be installed on Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox / Android devices, and is even compatible with routers.

It has an extremely fast and simplistic installation process (like any other browser extension) and it’s loaded with the same powers and features that any other VPN out there is, or maybe even better.

Here’s what it can do:

  • Mask your IP address.
  • Provide access to any and all blocked websites.
  • Lets you download torrent.
  • Provides Military grade encryption for your Internet traffic.
  • Thwarts hacking attempts over Public Wi-Fi.
  • Helps you remain anonymous.

Supported Device

Surfshark VPN Extension is supported on a number of popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and is also available as an apk file to be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

It also can be configured with OpenVPN manually or can be used with a number of routers both running on and without custom firmware such as Tomato or DD-WRT.

They’re also launching their iOS, MAC and Windows versions shortly.

IP Addresses from 14 Countries

Doesn’t matter which country you’re in right now, you can mask your IP address and appear to be from a different country, 14 different countries to be exact with Surfshark VPN extension.

It’s a long country list with options such as Netherlands, USA, Singapore, Hongkong, United Kingdom etc.

Currently, they’ve got 100 servers installed across the globe, now in my experience the “number” of servers isn’t that great, but it doesn’t seem to adversely effect the users in any way as you’ll soon see.

Unlimited Everything

One of the core-features which grabbed my attention what that nearly everything is provided unlimited on the VPN.

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Device connections: Connect as many devices to the same account without any extra charges.
  • Unlimited Speed: The speed is never reduced.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Using no amount of bandwidth will cause the VPN to limit some features or speed, it’s literally unlimited.

From my experience, there aren’t many VPNs out there which provide unlimited simultaneous connections, although unlimited speed and bandwidth are common.

Pretty Secure

Armed with AES 256-bit encryption used by the U.S military, coupled with extra protection over Public Wi-Fi and IPv6 leak + WebRTC protection there aren’t any visible loopholes which can be exploited with Surfshark VPN.

AES 256 is currently the most secure encryption available to the common man (excluding White House, NSA, NASA, Russian Govt.) etc kind of organizations.

Public Wi-Fi protection makes sure your devices and systems remain secure even on weak and vulnerable Wi-Fi connections.

WebRTC protection makes peer to peer networking more secure which otherwise has quite a few known vulnerabilities.

Additionally, forces your system to always go through the VPN and never without it with its IPv6 Leak protection.

No Logs Policy

Surfshark VPN extension doesn’t keep any logs of anything which can be linked back to you, other VPNs do for the sake of “support” or other reasons, and it’s a dangerous situation as there’s always something which can be linked back to you.

That’s not the case with Surfshark, because no logs exist, there’s nothing to be tracked back to you even if the company, or any govt. agencies wanted.

Great Customer Support

The support staff over at Surfshark won me over, the response I got was much better than most more expensive, established companies that I’ve been with.

I tried only their live-chat system, even though they can be reached via E-mail and a support ticket as well but the live-chat was so fast and helpful that the other options were never required.

It takes around a minute to get connected to a representative, and the staff seemed more than responsive without the “attitude” which I’ve experienced on far too many occasion with other VPNs now.

Supports Torrents and Video Streaming Sites

It has mentioned “Torrents Welcome” on its homepage, which indicates you should feel free to use Torrents over the VPN.

Although I personally use it to access a number of blocked websites such as Netflix, NBC, Hulu whenever I travel (which I do, a lot) and I find myself in a country or region where the services aren’t supported.

It also supports VoIP calls and music streaming in addition to videos.

Now most VPNs generally reduce the speed of our internet connections, Surfshark does too but even then it’s more than enough for browsing or streaming videos which obviously need above average speed to be accomplished smoothly.

Pricing Plans

Surfshark VPN extension has three plans, which get you the exact same features, the difference only is because of the time-frame for which you decide to get the VPN for:

  • Cheapest plan – Pay for 12 months- $3.95/month.
  • Medium Plan – Pay for 6 months- $4.95/month.
  • Shortest period plan – Pay for 1 month- $5.89/month.

The company provides 30-day money-back guarantee on each of these plans, 30 days is a pretty generous offer as it’s more than enough for most of us to be sure of a tool’s validity and test it out to its fullest extent.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, it’s a VPN which is secure, is fast, has all the features I generally seek in a VPN and doesn’t keep any logs.

So I personally didn’t see any red flags come up on the VPN and hence I’d rate it a 4/5, although I’d still like it to expand its support for devices, and add couple more countries to its list.

Do let me know what’s your verdict and if you’d try Surfshark VPN extension out using our comments section below.