WitKit boss of CryptoData: Get 50 GB Free Online Space

Hi Folks, today I am here to share with new online growing products. First of all you should know Why we need to join WitKit as a Pioneer. If you are bloggers, entrepreneurs or any businessmen, many times you need to share your data with your team members or friends and employee. Here main problem is when we share our data into various online platform like drop box, Google Drive, various other cloud storage. Here you can create your collaboration community only can share his data. But WitKit Gives you a single platform where you can create your own WitCrypt Drive. WitCrypt Drive is the best platform for you where you can save your data and can share with your friends or team members.

WitCrypt Drive is best encrypted Drive, nobody can access your WitCrypt drive data even website owner also. Because when you create your WitCrypt Drive, you need to put your passphrase. This is the only one option which through you can access your drive Data.

Note: Because Couple days before this website is started that’s why Website give first 50,000 user 50GB Data all lifetime, this is the great opportunity for all Techlazy reader. Let’s Enjoy your own encrypt 50GB Data Drive and create Pioneer Account in WitKit.

Main Feature of WitKit

 1) Create own private collaboration community groups.

2) Single place which gives you 50GB Encrypt Data where any file size limitation is not available. Here you can save any size file data.

3) Here you can follow any peoples Also can subscribe.

4) Here you can chat with private environment.

5) Here you can check your profile State

6) Another main feature provides by Witkit, you can create your private post and can share your private collaboration environment.

I think all features are cool, if you want to get 50 GB online crypto space then Join Witkit. Below I will give you a link through which you can join WitKit and get 50GB WitCrypt Drive.+

How to work with WitKit Platform?

WitKit is very simple online platform; you not need any special skills, only you need to follow some easy steps. Below I describe all necessary steps.

  • Go to Website, Go to the bottom section. Here you can See Join Now Button, Click on here.Pioneer Signup
  • Fill sign up Form, after successfully form completion press join button.


WitKit provides you fast joining option; you can join WitKit Platform by help of Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Outlook.


  • When all previous steps are done, Now your WitKit Installation Wizard is start follow given steps. Like WitKit Welcome Message Popup and WitCrypt Drive Creation step.

Create your WitCrypt Drive:-

Put your WitCrypt Drive Name, Mission and another property. Need Permission to subscribe, Hidden from Public Search, and Encrypt with WitCrypt. Set yes or no option as your Choice, press ‘done button‘.

When you creating WitCrypt Drive and select Yes option, one Witcrypt creation windows is open, here you need to set you passphrase. After this step, your WitCrypt drive is ready for use.

WitCrypt Drive

Hi reader, let’s enjoy great WitCrypt Online Secure data. Hope you are like my review post and this post can prove very helpful for you. Please share your thought about Witkit and Witkit Experience by comment below. You can follow me on major Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Google+.