How To Use Google Analytics – Beginner Guide

Are you a Webmaster or an online Entrepreneur?

If yes, then you must have heard about the most useful tool you may ever use in your online career, “Google Analytics“. If you still haven’t heard, then let me give a tiny introduction on this Tool.

What is Google Analytics?

It is a Free tool which helps bloggers, Webmasters, Companies to inspect their Websites and Blogs. It gives all Point to point information about your Website, including Traffic source, Amount of time User spending, Bounce Rate, Page views, etc..

I think that’s enough to explain it is. Now, I move on to the main question “How to Use Google Analytics“.

Beginner’s Guide to Use Google Analytics

#1 Set up New Account

To track everything you need to register an account with Google Analytics, and to register, you just a Google account.

So, Open this link (Google Analytics), Fill in your Google account Username and Password and Enter Your Website Details correctly. Once these 3 steps completed, you will get a unique tracking code (as shown in the screenshot below). You just need to implement that code once in your Website Theme or Template.


#2 Check Traffic Source

After you successfully setup your account, the status of your site will be available in a day or so. Once all Statistics are available you check your Traffic Source in “Acquisition” section. For Example, Below is a Screenshot of Traffic source.

As you can see there are many traffic sources in the screenshot. You will get clear idea about your traffic. You also have other options in this Tab as you can separately check Bounce Rate, Page Views, Sessions, Duration by clicking on “All Traffic” Tab in “Acquisition” Section. Additionally, You can also track traffic coming from Social or Referral sites separately from”Social” and “All Referrals” Sections.

#3 Check Site Behavior

Google Analytics have many different features which allow you to check your site behavior easily. What I mean Behavior is “How many Page views your site getting”, “What is the Average Time use Spending on a single Page”, “Average Bounce Rate”, Adsense Revenue, Adsense Impressions, etc.

You can also check your Website Loading Speed, Get Speed Suggestions, Pages Performance, Site Search, etc.. It gives you a complete idea about “Where you need to Improve”.

#4 Conversion

Google Analytics also have Conversion Tab where you can set your Goals and measure how your site is performing. It certainly helps you to reach a target.

Also, if you have an eCommerce site, then, you can check Performance and Sales of Each Product separately along with Transactions and Time to Purchase in “Conversion” Tab.

#5 Audience

In the Audience Tab, You have options to check everything about your Audience including Age, Location, Gender, Device (Mobile, Desktop or Tablet), Operating Systems, Browsers, etc..

#6 Real Time

This one is the most loveable feature of Google Analytics as you can inspect Live Users on your Site. In Simple Words, You can Check how many Users are Active on your site. Additionally, It also shows Location and Source of visitors.

So, this Ends “How to Use Google Analytics” Guide. Now, Feel Free to Give your Views in the comment Section. Also, Don’t Forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter to get More Advanced Guides in your Inbox for Free.