Thrive Themes Review: Pricing, Pros & Cons

Today, we are going to review Thrive Themes. Thrive themes are among one of the World’s Top and Best WordPress theme developers. They have just not developed the theme for WordPress but also a few great plugins also that are now being used by thousands of webmasters to improve their blog or website’s quality.

In this particular article, we are going to talk about the Themes they offer and about the plugins we’ll talk in some other article, and some other day.

So, let us start reviewing the Thrive Themes from all start.

Thrive Themes – Reviewing the Qualities

Here is a brief introduction to Thrive Themes.

Thrive themes offer a great list or we may say the one of the Best collection of themes in the World. They offer pretty awesome themes.

  • Here are some incredible features of their themes for what you should love them. The officially given the 10 reasons why their themes are so much amazing.
  • Thrive themes are targeted for Speed. They offer some kind of inbuilt power ups which will help your Blog or website to load up at the lightning speed and hence increase many positive sides.
  • Their themes promised the Conversions. They includes some specially built features to increase the conversion rates up to a great extent. So, if you are marketer who target to get more conversions, then Thrive themes is a good option to go with.
  • Thrive themes are fully responsive. Everybody visiting a blog or website having Thrive themes installed would love to read and engage with almost everything on it. Thus it simply and directly increases the visitor’s engagement. Although, the increase the reader’s engagement, you can always try a lot of new things with some great adjustments to even cross this much limit of engagement also.
  • You can create various types of pages on the go. For example, you can create various op-in pages or legal pages and all of this you can do in just a few setting without getting into any kind of hassle with easy options.
  • Thrive themes are fully customizable. You can customize the complete theme as you like in regard to many matters such as color options, theme style, border options, layouts etc. and likewise this also with very easy options. It’s like playing with toys and discovering interesting things.
  • As, already said, their themes are responsive but this thing is not just limited to PC’s or desktops or laptops. If their themes are responsive then it is truly responsive for all type of devices of different sizes and kinds. It is equally work well and display well on a mobile, on a tablet, on a full size pc as well.
  • Thrive themes really cares about the themes they built and keep on updating them as per the new trend along with a lot of improvements then the previous versions. This is one of the major reasons that why their Thrive themes and plugins community is growing very rapidly.
  • They offer many other pretty things which you can add within your blog or website running Thrive themes and I assure you that these all things will as up to your beauty.
  • Support they offer is appreciable. They offer complete support along with training also. They organize webinars and are always ready to help their customers in kind of any trouble with the themes they developed.

So, isn’t Thrive themes offer the themes which you should opt for your blog or website as well?

Getting the Idea of Pleasure

Even now, before getting started let us review one of the themes from their collection to complete this article with an interesting review style.

So, Now I am going to review one theme whose name is, “Storied” so that you a demo like feeling to decide whether you should go with Thrive themes or not?

Starting with the Demo preview, here below I have given the screenshot of their official Desktop Demo of the “Storied” theme chosen from their Ultimate list of themes collection.

You can get complete idea of any type of content from the Demo Theme, it is recommended that you should also see their demo preview prior to purchasing the theme.

You can view it in the Desktop view and other device sizes views also such as mobile view or table view.

Personally, I found their themes, the themes for full fun and joy along with all the qualities what a webmaster would like to have for his blog or website. One of the greatest feature or you many say the quality of Thrive themes, I like so much is the Navigation style which is pretty amazing, fast and durable.

The design, look and feel of their themes urges every reader to stay on it and browse each and everything what they could see.

The Pricing they Offer

So, these all were the features of the themes. The features looks good only if they are offered to us at a reasonable price. But how much thrive themes will cost?

To know it, let us now review their pricing.

They basically offer three plans when you’ll click on the Purchase button on the Demo Preview screen after viewing any of their Themes from the collection.

Now, something very important to tell you.

Under the Single Site License plan you can use just the theme on one single website. You will also get access to all of the features with unlimited with 1 year free support. All of this at $49, which is a very reasonable price.

In the second option, Unlimited Personal license, you can just additionally use one theme in as many personal sites that you actually own. The rest features and support is same as the previous plan. The price of this plan is $67. This simply means, you’ll be paying only $18 extra to get the same one theme for all of your site.

But hey have a very special and interesting third plan for you as well.

They offer a Thrive Themes Membership plan, under which you will get complete access to all of the themes. Yes, I am talking about not just a single theme, but all of the themes they offer. Not just this, this member ship will also include the complete access to all of the other products they offer like the Thrive Content Builder, Landing Pages and all of their plugins also. Along with this, you will get unlimited updates as well as unlimited support. You can get this Thrive Themes Membership under the Monthly or Years Plans.

Here below is the screenshot of their annual Membership pricing plans for the individuals and agencies.

Thrive themes have a blog on which they share about a lot of new things about their themes and many of the updates. The link to their official Thrive Themes blog is given here.

Now let us quickly discuss about the Pros and Cons of the Thrive Themes.

Thrive themes are also among the Best WordPress themes to promote and recommend to others also. Thrive themes also offer their affiliate program which offers 50% commission on each and every referral sale and 25% recurring commissions also.

Thrive are not just good because of their themes, they are awesome because of the tools they offer along with their themes. One of the Best tool is the Best visual editor for WordPress which is already being used by many of the professionals is Thrive Content Builder.

Thrive Content builder a smart editor which comes with pre-build designs and smart features which you can include within the various types of content of your blog or website, again which may primary focus on conversions. This plugin offers ultimate features which we all love.


  • You can build incredible landing pages using each and every theme offered by Thrive Themes.
  • Includes incredible inbuilt things such as the Testimonials and other short codes.
  • We can customize the themes fully according to our requirement.
  • Offer pre made templates for various types of functions within the themes.
  • You can publish in a beautiful way by using their Thrive Content Builder along with the Thrive Themes.
  • Offers a real and ultimate WYSIWYG editor.
  • You can customize the things manually without having any coding skills. Therefore, perfect for the starters.
  • Attractive Pricing for the amazing features.
  • Good for high conversions.
  • Offers regular updates and good support.


Thrive themes are so great that I found just one con for them.

  • The individual theme costs a lot more than the membership plan which give access to all of the themes for just $147.

So, this our review of Thrive Themes. Thrive Themes are great to run a blog or website that primary focus on getting conversions. As thrive themes are specially designed to convert your visitors into customers or clients and your visits into sales if you are running an ecommerce site as well.

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