Thrive Content Builder Review

Hi there, I am back with another great review of an awesome WordPress plugin that may be an ultimate replacement for your existing WordPress editor. I am going to review Thrive Content Builder, which is being offered by Thrive Themes.

WordPress is already an Ultimate blogging platform and a powerful CMS, this is what we all know. We can present our content beautifully already using the default WordPress editor. But you may have seen many blog posts or pages from some professional blogs that are really attracting and contains some visual elements.

Those elements impress the reader’s eye and thus naturally increases the engagement of the visitors towards the blog or website. We can’t add such things using the default WordPress editor. The plugin or you may say the tool, Thrive content builder that I am going to review today, will give you the full access to add a lot of things within in your content, so that you can present your great content in a beautiful and wonderful way.

Let us get started with the review of Thrive Content Builder.

Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is basically a plugin for WordPress, which offers you a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor developed by one trusted name in the world of WordPress tools developers, Thrive Themes.

This review is going to be something special as I am not going just to review out the features and making the final decisions. Along with listing the features, I am also going to show how these features actually work, by showing you the examples along on my live website’s WordPress editor.

So, let’s get started.


I’ve installed Thrive Content Builder and got an option of Edit with Thrive Content Builder icon at the end of every blog post in my WordPress posts list. When I clicked, it redirected me to the preview of the webpage, which also shows the Tools menu of the Thrive Content Builder. See the following screenshot, and observe the Tools Menu Box of Thrive content builder that appear to be as a right pane in the web browser window.

Thrive Content Builder

Let me now describe each of the features present in this tool menu one by one to give you the complete and the ultimate review of the Thrive Content Builder.

Firstly, we will discuss the Simple Content Elements which includes the following features:

  • Paragraph/Text Element: Simply add the Paragraphs and Text anywhere in the body of your post using this element. You will get a complete formatting editor to add up and incredibly format the text.
  • WordPress Content: Add content into your blog post as you do in the WordPress, default editor. This will open the WordPress Default editor in a popup window, and you can add any of the content using it anywhere in the post body.
  • Image: This feature allows you to add an image anywhere in your blog post or page.
  • Button: Add a button into your content and after fully customizing it, you can link into any of the URL, and you get a lot of options for the customization and linking. You can really create beautiful displaying buttons that readers would love to click. This way you can increase your conversions directly.
  • Icon: Add beautiful icons within your content.
  • Credit Card Icons: Add the icons of the Credit Cards.
  • Custom HTML: Add custom HTML anywhere in the page or blog post easily and efficiently.
  • Custom CSS: Add custom CSS to make the blog post or page more comfortable with your very own personal customizations.
  • Content Container: You can contain various types of content within this Content Container.
  • Content reveal: Let your content be reveal using this awesome feature.
  • Star Rating: Give Start rating on the blog page or post. Useful for the content related to reviews and scores.

Let us now discuss next type of elements which can make up our rich content.

Multi-style Elements.

  • Content Templates: Using this you can add bullets and images.
  • Content layout: Using this awesome feature, you can divide your content width and height in various ratios of layouts.
  • Content Box: This allows you to add the Content with various heading and text of various styles.
  • Symbol Box: This is one of the incredible element of the Thrive Content Builder which I would like to use in almost every blog post of mine using which you can add number based or icon based point based box like content.
  • Social Share Buttons: Add social share buttons to make your content visually appearing to be shared.
  • Quote Share: A box in which you can add a quote and asked the user to share that particular quote quickly on Twitter.
  • Style List: Add list of various styles of bullets.
  • Divider: Add various types of Line Dividers.
  • Testimonials: Add different types of testimonials with Images within your blog or website’s content.
  • Call to Action: Add various types of styled Call to action in your content to make your content visually more appealing. Thus, Good to get conversions.
  • Guarantee Boxes: Add various styles of Guarantee type content boxes.

So, these are a few elements offered by the Thrive Content SBuilder to make your content look better. But still this incredible tool has some advanced elements that are described below which will add the ultimate beauty to your blog post or website’s content and make the reader’s to enjoy while reading or seeing it.

  • Widgets: Add widgets such as custom menu links within your content.
  • Pricing Tables: Add beautifully designed pricing tables to get more pricing based conversions. Such tables seem to be appealing to the customers on a Business website.
  • Tabbed Content: Add content in a Tabular form easily and customize it gratefully.
  • Feature Grid: Allows you to add Multi Column Feature grid in your content.
  • Content Toggle: Add Toggle for your content with this impressive
  • Table: Allows you to add a table of multiple rows and columns to represent the data in most of the calculative formats or simple formats as well.
  • Data Elements: Using this, add elements like a Progress bar, Fill Counter and Number counters that will make your post or other content look pretty impressive.
  • Google Map Embed: Embed Google maps directly into your blog post or page of blog or website. Good for local websites who needs to inform their customers about where they are in the world.
  • Countdown Timer: Add various types of countdown timers which will make your content to be looked as a propagating and continuous
  • Responsive Video: This element allows you to add a responsive video in your content. As media is an important type of content trending the most these days, it will be beneficial in many of the things.
  • Table of Contents: Add a quick navigation table to which you can link the various parts of a detailed content. This makes your content reader friendly and then add up to the navigation beauty of your blog or website.
  • Lead Generation: Add a sign-up form or you may say a form to generate leads for you. You can use it to grow your email list for things such as email based traffic targeting or email marketing.
  • Post Grids: Easily and beautifully add Post Grids within your content and customize it with a lot of options.
  • Comments: Add comments like Facebook comments anywhere you would like in your blog post or page or even on any other type of website.

So, this is my complete review of Thrive Content Builder, which is really an ultimate content builder that can help you to build a lot of content that professional looks.

Do you notice something that all of the elements listed above that we can include within our blog’s or website’s content is focused on?


This is the primary thing for what Thrive Themes and its content builder or other tools and plugins famous for. They focus on Conversions instead of anything else. That’s why there themes and other tools are among the Best Conversion tools as well. If you use your blog or website to earn where conversions are needed, such as to build an email list, or to encourage visitors to buy something, Thrive Content Builder is then something what that can help you in a lot of matters.


Let us now come on to one of the most important parts of reviewing a product or service i.e. the Price. Though, the product or service may be as better as nothing else, but if it will not be available at a reasonable pricing to us, there is no use of it.

That’s, why pricing is an important factor to consider, not just in this case but almost everywhere else. Observe the following screenshot, it’s the pricing plans of the Thrive Content Builder offered by Thrive Themes.

pricing Thrive Content Builder

Under the Single site license, which for the use on just a single website, you can get the full feature set of elements for one year and it includes unlimited updates and one year of support also. It will costs you, $67.

The second and the most suitable plan is for unlimited sites available at $97 which includes all of the features of the above plan, but just allows you to use the plugin for unlimited sites.

The next and last plan is some kind of a membership plan which is Agency License good for the Web developers. It will cost you $49/Month and under this plan you will get access to Thrive Content Builder, all of the Thrive themes and all of the other plugins as well. You can make use of this plugins and themes on your own websites or blog and as well on your clients sites also.

Pros and Cons:

Finally coming on the Pros and Cons that will help to finally compile our Today’s review.


Here are the up sides of Thrive Content Builder

  • You can do the work of a lot of plugins using a single plugin.
  • Being originated by Thrive Themes who focus on Conversions primarily, Thrive Content builder belong to the same family tradition.
  • Easy and simple addition of elements and live preview along with editing is something I love while using this plugin.
  • Handy tool and you will not fell in any hassle.
  • Pricing is reasonable or affordable.
  • A True WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Thrive Themes offer Good support which is included with the plans after purchase.


Here are a few downsides also.

  • This plugin is currently for WordPress only and if you are not using the WordPress CMS, you can’t make use of it for the visual betterment of your content.
  • The Drag-Drop facility is not as expected. I found some problems while placing elements in the various parts of an already written text based blog post. It was little bit difficult for someone to implement the elements in an already written text based material or in the old blog post or other content.

If you are a blogger or content writer, are you using any tool like Thrive Content Builder? If yes? Which is it? If not, would you like to use Thrive as your only Best Content Builder? We at Updateland, make use of this plugin to build ultimate content that increase our user engagement by so much from a normally formatted blog post content with the default WordPress editor.

If you like reading this ultimate review of the Thrive Content Builder, do share it with your friends, colleges, relatives and others on various social networks. They will thank you for sharing the insights of an incredible content builder tool. If you have any questions regarding the Thrive content builder, please feel free to ask me via the comments. I’ll be happy to hear from you and reply your valuable comments.