How to Remove Virus from Computer

Hi Friends, How are you? Today I am sharing tips about how you can remove virus from your computer. Virus is hygienic program, which can damage your computer personal data files, and physical hardware. If you have computer, please make sure your system has protection from virus. Before tell you anything about how to remove virus. First I want to tell you about virus and what type virus can you affect.

What is Virus?

Virus is a set of program code, these cade is self-execute means if any virus is come into your computer. This virus program can affect your all computer file, it may be personal data, multimedia data or anything which you have into your computer. Today in internet world various common type virus you can see like Trojan, malware, ransomware, adware, spyware, and etc. all these have specialized features. All these features I will describe in future post because under this post my focus point is virus remove process.

Let’s come to the point, after know about virus, I describing all necessary steps “how to remove virus from your computer”. First of all virus remove process, you need a updated antivirus. I think now you have a question “ What is antivirus” you can find this answer is below.

What is antivirus?

Antivirus is program which has a solution of virus means it’s have virus definition which through antivirus can identify what type virus present into your computer. After identification process, antivirus removes your computer virus by help of virus solution program execution. This is over all process which followed by antivirus. If you want to know about some top antivirus, which are popular in antivirus industries, major antivirus name is Norton, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Trend micro, Bitdefender, McAfee, Panda ZoneAlarm and etc. but various another antivirus are present. You can select these program according to your choice or requirements.

Step By Step Remove Virus from Computer

Before starting this process, you need a valid antivirus. If you have antivirus please install into your computer. but here I have AVG internet security program 2015 for this demo post. I installed AVG in my PC. If you don’t know how to install computer software into computer please check my post related software installation process.

If you want to buy any antivirus, here you can get information about top 5 antiviruses. Which have lot’s of advanced features.

1) If you have installed antivirus into your computer, now time is scan your PC.

2) Click on Antivirus program Icon, Which place on Desktop or Program associated bar.

If your antivirus icon are not present on desktop then go to start button, click on all program then select your antivirus program by help of scroll bar.


Then click on antivirus execution setup.

3) After successfully antivirus start process, you can see antivirus control interface where you can customize your antivirus settings. Now here our major moto is remove virus then click on scan button.


4) Now your computer scanning process is start, after some time you can report, where you can how many virus your computer have, and how many deleted by antivirus.whole-Computer-scanning-process

If you successfully done upper all given steps then you removed all virus from your computer system, now you have a clean virus free computer.