How To Reduce Bounce Rate

Do you ever hear the word bounce rate?

Ofcourse, the majority of bloggers will say yes, they constantly see this word hanging in their Google analytic account showing some percentage. Do you know what it means? If No, then don’t worry I will explain it to you.

What is Bounce Rate?

According to Analytic, It is the percentage of the number of single page sessions on your blog which means Visitors hitting the Back button after only visiting landing page. So, If many visitors leave your blog reading only one post, then, your bounce rate will be higher which is not considered Good. Google also will not consider those sites for higher rankings in search. So, it is very important to reduce Bounce Rate, otherwise sooner or later your blog will go down in the rankings. So, below are all some tips that can help reduce bounce rate of your blog.


Effective Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate


1). Create Multiple Posts on a single topic

The main motto after creating multiple posts is to Interlink them with each other. It will stop Visitors pressing Back button and it will engage users deeper into your blog. So, when you pick a topic to write, explain A to Z elements of that topic in multiple posts. It will also help you rank higher because Google like blogs highly explaining a single topic for good user experience.

2). Avoid too much Advertisements

I can understand everyone wants to make money, but don’t over do it. Avoid placing too many Adverts above fold, You can use them in the sidebar area, but remember when a user land on your site, your content should come first in his/her eyesight.

3). Use Call to Action strategy

You must use Call to Action strategy on your blog to reduce bounce Rate. You can ask Visitors to click on Link or read another post using attractive Image or text. The majority of times it will work.

4). Fast Loading and responsive layout

Visitors will only stay on your blog for a few minutes. So, It depends on you, How you gonna use those few minutes. A fast loading site with a responsive design will ensure that visitors from all devices can get to your content quickly without waiting. If they land on your page within few seconds, then, there are very high chances that they will read another post.

5). Clear Navigation

Your blog should have an easy navigation design. So, it will provide a clear view to Menu section, Content area, Sidebar Widgets (Especially Recent posts, popular posts, etc.), and Related Post Widget below Content. Also, use of proper color and contrast in your design can help you reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

6). Large attractive headlines

Selecting a larger size Attractive Headings for your posts and related posts can really help you reduce the bounce rate. You should also consider using attractive Anchor text with Bold, underline or Italics formatting tags for your Internal links.

Final Words

So, these are some tips that can help you reduce the bounce rate of your blog. But Remember with these tips, you need to produce quality content also. It will automatically take the bounce rate percentage down. So, that’s it with the Article. If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments.