Travelling often brings up exotic pictures of faraway locales and stunning vistas. Sun kissed beaches and famous landmarks. Hidden in many of these travel destinations is an unfamiliar and yet exciting sport. Filled with the promise of thrills, adrenalin, and cheering crowds. Heavy duty machines racing at breathtaking speeds. Imagine the excitement. Having your heart jump out of your chest. Watching cars ricocheting across the speedway, narrowly missing the guard rails.

For the traveller who craves excitement and noise a weekend (or more…we won’t tell) at the race tracks is a must.


NASCAR is one of the most well known race car series. The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series is the top racing series of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Sitting in the grandstands and watching the thrills could keep you entertained for hours but there is much more to do and see at a NASCAR race.


Every corner and nook will have a souvenir stand. You will not want to miss out on bringing home your own souvenir trophy. You can spend money like crazy on all the good deals. For example a $15 Martin Truex Jr hat, and end up outfitted like the biggest NASCAR fan. That isn’t a bad thing because NASCAR fans love to party. Tailgate parties are part of the legend of attending a NASCAR party. No fan is a stranger here, stop say hi and share a beer with a new friend. Take a few minutes to check out some racing memes beforehand. You want to make sure you know all the good inside jokes.


Adding to the excitement at the races is meeting the drivers. Fresh off of risking their lives seeking thrills on the track. If you show up early on a Sunday morning you can stand in line with other crazy fans. Ending up with an autograph from your new favorite driver.morning you can stand in line with other crazy fans. Ending up with an autograph from your new favorite driver.

Of course you can’t attend a race without checking out the cars. Along the edges of the track you will find a display of stock cars, drag racers and sprint cars. Here is your chance to revel in getting as close as possible to these magnificent beasts.


At some point you will have to experience the most intense thrill possible at a NASCAR race track. You find the spot on the race track where the cars are flying at unbelievable speeds, usually right before the braking point. There you plant yourself right behind the fence. Hold your breath while the cars come hurtling straight at you. Engines roaring at full throttle. Your hair will stand on end, your heart will pound out of your chest. You will be deafened by the sound of automated thunder as by only a miracle the cars whiz by you without hitting you.

Catch your breath, check your shorts and watch the dust fade in the distance.  You will already be planning your next weekend trip to the races.