The Poker Rules and Terminologies Every Player Should Know

Poker is one of the most popular games played across the world. Every beginner should first gain insight into poker rules and terminologies to get acquainted with the game in a better manner.

Rules of Poker

  1. All the poker variants are played with a single deck of cards. It is essential to ensure that these cards are free from any kind of fold or distinguishable marks.
  2. Each player in the game shall hold his poker hand, and the highest ranked hand will win the pot.
  3. Poker rules majorly specify about when to check, bet and fold. Here, a player has three options i.e. to check and pass their turn to next person if they are first to proceed in the game, or they can bet and put some chips in the middle, or fold if they don’t match up with the previous bets, and decides to hand over the cards.
  4. Almost all the tables have buy in option, wherein player has to buy in with minimum ten times of value of their minimum bet.

Above mentioned are some of the most important poker rules which every player should keep in mind while playing the game. Apart from this, let’s also look at the basic terminologies for players to know before playing the game.

Aces Full

In this case, a player is having three aces along with a pair. It is called full house.

Aces Up

The player in this case, has a pair of aces and one more pair in his hand.

Ace High

This is a poker hand which has one ace in it. A hand which does not have any pair or better cards, the highest card there decides its fate.


This is a term which is used to denote player’s turn.


It is an online abbreviation which is used to denote a pair of aces.

Active Player

An active player is the one who is still holding cards in the game or is more often part of the pot, than not being available in the game.

Aggressive Player

He is amongst the players who bet and raise a lot of money in the game.


It is a set of last two or three community cards which is sufficient to make a hand.

Bad Beat

It is a scenario in the game, when the best hand is beaten due to sudden emergence of a lucky card in the game. Such a lucky card is generally drawn on the river.

Bottom Pair

It is the lowest pair in a hand in the game. Pair of 2 is considered to be lowest in the game; however it might not be the lowest hand.

Final Words

These are some of the basic poker rules and terminologies of the game that every player should be well versed with before playing the game. Staying aware of these terms can really enhance a player’s performance and help them beat the competition in the game.