New Video Commercial by the Online Rummy Leader Ace2Three

Rummy is one of the most popular forms of online card games that is played around the world. Since the past decade, the online Rummy has gone popular in India as well. The advent of online gaming has made different rummy websites to emerge on the internet in India. But only a few of them have survived the market competition. One of the oldest Indian rummy gaming websites is that is presently serving around 8 million players in India itself. It has its Android and iOS mobile rummy apps as well. Moreover, it has retained the highest numbers of users over the time because of its awesome marketing offers and in-game bonuses & rewards.

Ace2Three has recently launched a new commercial that could only be understood by you if you are a rummy enthusiast. Check this out and see if you are able to understand it.

The Ace2Three’s new TVC presents a scene in a jewelry shop, where a family has arrived for shopping. While the wife and daughter of the man are busy is selecting the piece of jewelry for themselves, the man picks up the jewel tray and starts arranging the pieces of jewels in some sequence. The man suddenly asks for diamond and the salesperson snatches it from the man’s daughter and helps him, to arrange the jewels on the tray in a proper rummy card sequence. Everyone is stunned, but the man had the last laugh. The video is really entertaining and a rummy enthusiast will surely love it.

How Rummy Game Acts as a Mood Booster – Top 4 Reasons

As the daily routine of people is becoming strict, their minds are becoming stressed up. To deal with this intense pressure, everyone needs a solution as per the convenience. The rummy card games can be one of the key solutions to deal with the stress. Let us see the perks of playing rummy card games online.

Social Interaction

The online rummy games at Ace2Three provide you a platform where people with the common interest join the table to showcase their real time skills. It provides you with an opportunity to join the fellows of same interest and play with them.

Play from Anywhere Comfortably

Gone are the days when your friends let you wait for hours to play the game of rummy. But now you can enjoy the different variants of rummy games on while sitting at your home. Moreover, you can play game on your iOS or Android smartphone by downloading the official apps of Ace2Three rummy. Enjoy playing the rummy games with different players across the country 24X7 online.

A Mental Exercise

The game of rummy requires a lot of skills for arranging the 13 cards in a proper sequence. This can be a good mental exercise and help you reduce the stress. It can refresh your mood and make you feel stress-free. While playing the game, you can work on different strategies and exercise your brain a little bit. Utilize your brain with perfection to win the bet.

Break from Hectic Schedule

If you need mental peace from your hectic schedule then the game of rummy online will surely help you out to bring more peace to your life. You can play the game at comfort of your home. There are a number of rummy games available for you. You can join different tables and play with different players. Moreover, the joy of winning the rewards will surely bring back some peace.

Develop These Skills While Playing Rummy

You can even learn new skills while playing rummy for relaxation. These newly acquired skills can help you ahead in your life.


You can learn to keep patience while playing the game of rummy. The game of rummy requires a lot of patience to make a proper rummy card sequence. If you keep calm, it will help you take right decisions in the game of rummy as well as in your life.

Hone Your Skills

The players, who are new to this game, commit a lot of mistakes. It is very important to practice & play the game like a pro. You should hone your skills with patience to get good results.

The Bottom Line

Ace2Three rummy is the oldest rummy playing websites in India. Around 8 million rummy players are associated with it and it has retained most of them. Moreover, it has its mobile apps to allow the players enjoy this game on their mobile devices as well. If you are enthusiastic about the rummy game, you must join now and enjoy a lot of thrilling rummy games here.

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