New Incredible Blog Commenting Plugin For WordPress Blog

Blog Commenting is best technique to connect with bloggers to show some love at their blog by leaving blog comments at their blog. Blog commenting make blogs live. When a blogger write an article by spending three four hours, of course s/he want to see audience feedback at their article. If no one comments, there is something wrong. Blogger need to find out, why people are not commenting at his article.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if no one comments at your blog.

1.) Have you written a helpful and interesting article? Is it worthy to comment?  Do you comment if you read this article at somewhere?

2.) Did you reply to your readers who commented in past?

3.) Have you good commenting plugin at your blog?

4.) Did you comment at another‘s blog?

5.) Do you solve anyone new problem when a newbie come to you with a question?

If you are answer is no of anyone above question, make it Yes and then enjoy the power of commenting.

Comments at blog prove that it is live blog and people love to read articles and share their feedback, means this blog has targeted audience. How more you have targeted audience, how much you earn.

There is lots of blog commenting system available beside traditional blog commenting like discus, Facebook, Google+, Livefyre, Intense Debate, Vicomi, and etc. Most of people prefer to have commentluv and traditional blog system rather than others.

Today, I am here with a new incredible blog commenting WordPress plugin. You all are gona to love this due to this cool feature of voting, commenting and sharing discussion on social media. It is very helpful in relationship building.

Speakol Review:

Recently Speakol team has gave a new life to this plugin, now you can simply install this plugin and after activation an argument widget will be shown at below your post like below image. You can use this with traditional blog commenting or any other commenting systems.

This plugin provide facility to your audience to vote your article, and share their ideas about article at social media directly. All most popular social network is included like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Step By Step Process To Install and Activate Speakol

1. First visit

2. Click on Create a Publisher Account option at top of page in right side.

3. Now fill your email id and select No, I am new user option and click on Next Button as seen in below image.

4. Now time to fill all required information like App Name, Website URl, password, category and country and      click on Create account Button as shown in below image.

5. Now click on verification email and login with your email id and password.

6. Click on setting and copy your Publisher ID shown in below image.

7. Once you have copied Published ID, Go to wordpress dashboard of your blog and click plugin option and select Add New Plugin option.

8. Download Speakol from and upload plugin and click on Install Option.

9.  After installing, click on Active plugin option.

Speakol General Setting

You are away from two steps. To configure Speakol follow below instruction.

1. Click on Speakol from left panel option and select Enable option, fill Published ID, you can set Box Width if you want and select option where you want to show widget like in all posts, in all pages and none etc and click on Save button.

2. You have done.

Note: Make sure you have entered correct published ID and select Enable option. You can set widget box width according to your theme.

Where is Reader’s View Shown?

Ohh, yeah, you have a question into your mind. Where is Reader’s view stored? Let me clear your doubts. Readers ‘view are not shown at your blog, you need to login into Speakol account to moderate views and feedback from your audience.

What you say about Speakol?

Speakol Team is so much excited about this new release and I am also. They will love to hear from you. You can share your feedback and vote this plugin on So why are you waiting install this cool plugin and enjoy awesome features?

What is your favorite blog commenting plugin and what is your view about Speakol new release?

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