Motorized Convertible Standing Desk from IKEA Stotage Cabinets

Motorized convertible standing desk from IKEA storage cabinets is an improved designed started by a designer called Kelli Anderson. Kelli added a 12v dc linear actuator (see more at ) lifted the desk to a standing position with the help of a push button. First, the desk had IKEA AKURUM cabinets placed close together plus an open space for an office. She obtained the idea from friends’ assistance, Google sketch up and IKEA storage furniture. The idea made the workspace look good and helpful depending on her interest while working.

Construction of a motorized convertible standing desk involves a series of steps; first, display a workspace problem. Enough space makes a person finds the most sustainable place depending on his or her level of interest. The process requires assistance from willing friends. Requirements include a desk long enough to meet the needs of the user, a place a user can work freely for several hours in a day and also a place that can provide large storage capacity. Secondly, construction of the Ikea-hack “faux den za” project which is super helpful and comes from the Brick house as shown below. The cabinet has drawer pulls and opens from the bottom.

The model above lacks comfort due to difficulty in working position. Due to this problem, the need for improvement where first the desk surface height is determined according to the users interest. Two parts levitating computer space is defined whereby the top is a cradle attaching to the acrylic desktop surface and the bottom is a routed desk-drawer-esque holster that provides a surface for sliding the cradle.

First correct models and determine measurements then assemble white Akruum cabinets containing brown doors and their backs fitted with IKEA’s standard rail mounting system.

The desk is lifted some inches above the floor to provide correct and stable positioning. It can either be mounted or supported with objects such as stacked boards and the desk lie on top depending on the pesky radiator situation. When mounted on top of the stacked boards due to the annoying heater case the office appear.

Construct a cradle which purpose is to lower or raise electronic space. The model appears as a huge desk drawer from the end composed of rails made of yellow plastics.

A groove is then route to the front holster lowered to keep all models on track. The purpose of it is to prevent the levitated desktop from tilting horizontally. A linear actuator is inserted to maintain up and down movement of the cradle from the holster. A pipe is then cut open to ensure fitting of the actuator to the bottom of the holster. To the top cradle, the linear actuator is fitted to the center. Linear actuators vary from different sizes depending on the need. They have different shapes ranging from gear or belt driven, acme screw and ball screw systems mainly serves a variety of purposes such as positioning, tilting, closing, lowering, pivoting and also lifting. Its source of application is processing tank doors, gates, oven, orthopedic tables ergonomic furniture, agricultural instruments, and dampers.

After wiring and fitting of linear actuators are complete, levitation-cradle is slid against the wall flushed together with IKEA cabinets and bolted.

Fold the end of the rocker switch away from view in the desk sitting area. Order the desktop material which is the permissive effort of the project. Desktop piece center surface being 2 inches wider than the cradle piece on either side is then lowered so that it can lie on a similar surface as the desktop. The perfect fit is created especially when in the seated configuration. The solid state acrylic countertop is then positioned to the corners of the desktop to provide a perfect fit. Construct clear plexiglass drawers; this enhances housing of the current project avoiding spreading to the entire location.

The drawer slide hardware is placed on to the pre rooted drawer sides to produce .

Clear gorilla glue and plexiglass glue are used as adhesives and bind the only plex to plex materials chemically thus forms a solid support. Upon fixing it firmly and prevents any breakage.

When the system is complete from the top to the bottom, the drawer can fit perfectly into the cabinet and it is now ready for use and mainly to house hardware tools.

The invention of motorized convertible stand desk from IKEA storage cabinets has offered some advantages and importance; first, it should be built to fit the perfect working height of each individual. In the case of one need to study on tall base items needed are Vika Artur trestle, Capita brackets, by Alex Wall shelf and also vika amon which is the top table top. Second, the desk can be build through a mixture of different parts and pieces that match together. The model provides storage space as it has a shelf on the bottom for storing documents such as printers. Some items are needed to construct a model of this type; such include capita legs, two vika furuskog solid wood tops and utb underframe are required. Third, the desk can be made in such a way that it is large and standing. The model can provide comfort to individuals who are tall. This kind of model has a large storage capacity for storage of necessary items. It is mainly constructed using a two 5 by 1 expedict shelving units, a two 2 by 2 expedict shelving unit and also a one lack shelve. Fourth the desk can be made very tiny and also proves to be functional. It is also bent down, and this provides an additional space where someone can use for other functions.

The motorized convertible desk has some limitations; first, the task is extremely stressful especially when using IKEA furniture and needs healthy ideas to perform. Second, while standing one cannot notice passersby from behind and they can easily view what you are working. Third, tiredness, this results when someone works on a standing desk. A long time spend while standing brings discomfort.

In conclusion, Motorized Convertible Standing Desk from IKEA Storage Cabinets provides mainly served to provide extra space for other purposes and large storage capacity of documents and hardware tools. It also provides a suitable site for the display of valuable items.