How to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, you’ll most likely be thinking of ways to keep the children entertained. No matter what your budget, there are plenty of ways to inspire their creativity, make their dreams come true, or simply wear them out! Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, with just a few straightforward ideas, your kids are guaranteed to keep smiling all through the summer! In this article, we’ll go through five of the best.

1). Craft Projects

Perfect for rainy days inside, or sunny afternoons in the garden, craft projects allow your children to explore their creative side. Before the final school bell rings, pick up a few supplies from the supermarket or your local craft store. The following materials are a great place to start:

  •   Card in assorted colors
  •   Construction paper
  •   PVA or craft glue
  •   Poster paints
  •   Glitter or sequins (or both!)
  •   Popsicle sticks
  •   Paint brushes
  •   Crayons and coloring pencils
  •   Clay or Play-Doh
  •   Pompoms or cotton balls

With these basic supplies, you can let your kids be unbounded with their creativity. Or, you can set specific tasks or challenges and give your little ones free reign to achieve them. Don’t forget to hang their creations on the fridge, or keep hold of them for a project we’ll discuss at the end of this article.

2). Theme Parks

For a special treat, why not take the kids to a theme park of their choice? Certainly, it can be an expensive day out, but it’s something to look forward to, and will create lifelong memories. If finances are tight, it’s worth considering your options for a short-term loan. Even if you’ve been through bankruptcy, there are services that can help you.

3). Reading Lists

Tick off some of the classics this summer! Many schools send their students home with a reading list to work through over the break; encourage your kids to make a start as early as possible, so they have plenty of time to enjoy and understand the books they’re reading. You can also head to your local library for recommendations; they’ll be happy to help!

4). Snap Away!

For slightly older children, a fun summer activity is to take a camera with them on all their adventures, and keep their memories as pictures. This will inspire them to find good angles, and spend their days doing fun things they can capture. It’s also a good lesson in responsibility; taking care of the camera will teach them to look after things.

5). A Summer Scrapbook

At the end of the summer, give your children a blank scrapbook and allow them to fill and decorate it however they wish! Older kids can print off the pictures they’ve taken during the summer, you can keep ticket stubs and visitor maps for any attractions you visit, and everyone can include their craft projects. This activity will also encourage siblings to work together, hopefully without arguments! Your family will be left with a unique keepsake to treasure for years.

We hope this article has given you some great ideas for summer fun! Wishing you lots of sunshine and happiness!