Infolinks Review: Best Google Adsense Alternative

Are you a website owner and looking best traffic monetization platform for your website? Is your adsense account banned and looking for another alternative? If yes, you are on right place.

There are lots of people who have own website and they are looking for best monetization platform so that they could earn huge amount from their website.

Today, I am here with an amazing money making platform to solve all of them problem.

Are you excited to know about this money making platform?

Let me break your surprise. It is Infolinks.

Infolinks is one of the best platforms to monetize traffic and earn money online. If you have applied many times for adsense account and another advertising platform, but you are not getting approval. Don’t worry, now you have best advertising platform Infolinks.

Infolinks Review:

In this post, I am going to review Infolinks. I hope after reading this comprehensive review, your all doubt will be clear and you will surely love to monetize your website with Infolinks.

Easy Approval

Approval is very easy in Infolinks. To get approval in Infolinks, you only need to apply. With infolinks, you can earn money with brand new blogs. You don’t need to worry about your blog’s age. Visit Infolinks and join publisher account to monetizing your content.

Step by Step Process:

1. Visit
2. Click Sing Up button at top of home page.
3. Select Publisher option and write your website address into given field.
4. Select one option what you like and fill another required info like name, email id and password and finally click on Join button.
5. Now you will get a thanks message and your publisher id.
6. Select your website platform from Java script, WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla.
7. Click on Download V3 button.
8. After downloading plugin, upload plugin into your website and activate it.
9. For customizing ads placement, go to dashboard and customize ads using customize section.
10. Click on save button and all is done.

User Friendly Dashboard

Infolinks Dashboard is very user friendly. One doesn’t need to be expert in technical skills to setup infolinks account and customize it. In Dashboard for every purpose has separate section with very friendly name. For ex: if any user want to see report, simple click on report and for customization, here is customize section.

Add New Website

Add New Website option is for adding another websites. Let me clear your doubts, you don’t need to apply for your all websites separately. If you have one publisher account, you can add all sites into one account using Add New Website option. This option shows into sidebar just below the dashboard.


1. Click on Add New Website option.
2. Write website url, select category, select language and write comments in the form.
3. Click on Submit button.
4. That’s it.

Every time when you want to add new website, you need to follow all above steps.


Infolinks offers you Report section to see your daily earning, last 7 days, last month and last three months earnings. And you can email your earning report to you also using email my reports option. It is very simple to use select sites, time period and click on Display report button. You will get a table with daily earning.

1 – Minute Integration

We call integration 1- Minute Integration since it takes hardly 1 minute to integrate infolinks with any website. After adding website, to integrate ads, simple click on integrate option and select website and platform. You will get a code. Copy this code and place into your website, rest is intelligence automated. User loves this 1-Minute Integration.


Customize section is to customize ads as name suggest. So if you are not happy with current ads layout, simple login into dashboard and select customize section. Before we dig into customization process let me discuss ads format.

Infolinks offers five types of ads following:

1. In Text
2. In Fold
3. In Tag
4. In Frame
5. In Screen

In Text Ads

If you go with In Text Ads, It highlights keyword into content section, every time when any user hover at those keywords, small ad appears and some money is added into your account.


In Fold Ads

In Fold Ads display ads according to user searching. If someone is searching basketball tickets in search engine and finally stumbles at your blog. In this case, In Fold Ads will display and you will earn some money.


In Tag Ads

As name suggest, these ads display on tags. You can increase changes to show In Tags ads using more tags. If you use In Tags ads, it will show like below image.


In Frame Ads

It is based on your website category. In Frame Ads display attractive banner ads in both sidebar of websites look like below image.


In Screen Ads

When a user click on any interlink page link, In Screen Ads will display before actually moving to requested page. In Screen Ads’ displaying time depend upon the settings.


Now let me come to again at customization point.

You can select ads color, ads type, ads position etc. using customize section.


There are 4 sub sections into Account section.
1. Payment History
2. Payment Setting
3. My Websites
4. Account Details

Payment history shows the details of earnings. You can change payment setting using payment setting option. My website shows which website you have added into Infolinks account. Account details shows account info as name suggests. If you want to change your password, you will found change password option under Account Details.


You can increase your revenue using referral program. Yes, you can refer publishers to join Infolinks. If you refer someone, you will get 10% of their revenue for first 12 months. Infolinks provide you a unique referral link. They also offer banners also. You can put Infolinks banner into sidebar and refer publishers and increase your earnings. If you have good blog and your audience believe in you. You can refer your audience by writing review of Infolinks at your blog. Don’t forget to add your unique referral link to your article otherwise you will miss 10% of your referral revenue. 

What’s New at Infolinks

To check what’s new at Infolinks, you can use New option which you will found at top of home page. Recently Infolinks launched Infolinks Goes Mobile App that is available for both Android and iphone. You can check your daily earning, clicks and impression in real time with this app without touching your laptop. You can check this section occasionally to know if something new is coming.

Best Thing of Infolinks:

1. Fast Approval
2. Easy Customization
3. Very User Friendly
4. Multiple Payment option
5. Minimum payout 50$


Infolinks is very good platform to monetize website. Ads format are very good. Personally I like to have text and tags ads at my blogs. Infolinks accepts new website also so you don’t need to worry about domain age. You can apply for your one month old blog also while some other adverting platforms have some guidelines about domain age also. If you are using some another platform and not happy with your current earning, I will recommend you to give a try to Infolinks or putting both platform ads. I am damn sure you will love it.