How to Make a Blog on BlogSpot Platform

Hi Guys, Today I am sharing how you can make your own blog without spend any penny. Because I think you are beginner and you not have much knowledge about online business that’s why your time for gain online business experience, if you are not able to buy self-hosting, this post prove very helpful for you. Under this post “How to make a blog on BlogSpot platform” I am describing step by step demo how you can make your BlogSpot blog and how you can work with BlogSpot. All these steps are very easy you can done this complete process by help of very little sub steps.

Step by Step Process for Create BlogSpot Blog

1) Google Login Account

First you should know about Google account. If you plan for create BlogSpot blog then first you need to create Google login account. If you not have Google account, click on and create new account. After successfully create new account then login your account by help of user name or password. How-to-make-a-blog-on-blogspot

Go to right side up corner and select BlogSpot icon and click on icon, after successfully click you can see newly BlogSpot environment like below.How-to-make-a-blog-on-blogspot

2) Domain Name

After successfully complete first step, now time is select best domain for your blogs. Below I am showing how you can select required domain. Go to interface and click on ‘New Blog’ Button.How-to-make-a-blog-on-blogspot

After hit new blog button, you can see new windows where you can select your blog domain name and title.How-to-make-a-blog-on-blogspot

For Example: Here I am showing Technology related blog demo.

Title : Latest Technology Updates

Domain Name:


If you successfully done all required step, now you have newly create blog. You can check your blog by your blog URL. Put your URL into Browser. You can see your blog layout. Below I will show you my newly created blog front layout.

URL Domain:


3) Interface Overview

If your blog creation step is done, now I am talking about BlogSpot interface. Blogspot interface is very optimizing, and well managed environment. You can easily customize you blog environment. And can set your own customize blog environment.
Major layout options of blogspot blog:
Below I will show you how you can go to on two unique BlogSpot environmentsHow-to-make-a-blog-on-blogspot.

1) Admin Interface

This interface through you can customize your blog environment and can set premium stuff like you can set premium templates, blog layouts, user authentication and many more. Major Admin property I am describing below which you should know.


a) Overview: Showing Complete Layout information and reports overview

b) Posts: Here you can check your all post and post status. Like how many post has been publishes or how many into draft.

c) Pages: Can check all pages and pages property.

d) Comments: Here you can check how much comment you got on your blogs or post.

e) Stats: Here you can set Google analytics and webmaster tool property and can check total visitor stats.

f) Earnings: If you want to apply Google AdSense account here you can see AdSense property.

g) Layouts: By this option you can customize you blog environment like side bar property, here you add and remove gadgets.

h) Templates: if you already have own premium blog template, you can set here or you can choose previous available BlogSpot templates.

2) Posting Interface

Posting interface is provide you post creation advanced tools, which through you can create easily more attractive post with in very small time.


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