How to Configure Filezilla

Hi Techlazy readers, today I am here for “how to configure Filezilla”. Before anything first I want to tell your Why Filezilla is important software and what types problems you can resolve by this tools.

Many time I got queries like given bellow:

How I can upload my files to my hosting server?

How I upload my plugin into hosting server?

How  to access my ftp account?

How to upload a website?

How to upload google webmaster files to my website?

And various others.

If you have all these type question then this software can help you, before configuration you should know what is Filezilla?.

What is Filezilla?

Filezilla is a ftp client which helping your when you need to upload anything on your webserver(means where your website is hosted), this software through you can easily upload your files without any complication. This is freeware software, you can access this software features without any fee. If you not have installed filezilla into your computer then you can download filezilla by help of bellow FZ Button.


Features of Filezilla

1. Very user friendly interface, not need special skills for operate this software interface.

2. Support multiple languages.

3. Support multiple protocols like ( FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SSH and etc.)

4. Resume and stop features, giving you more flexibility into upload and download.

5. Drag and Drop features support.

6. Manage files into queue, also having bookmark support and etc.


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How to configure FileZilla ftp client?

Filezilla configuration is very simple, only you need to follow some bellow given instruction,

1. Download and install your filezilla ftp client into your computer.

If you have install into your PC then check second step, before second step make sure your computer have LAN or WAN internet connectivity.

2. After first step, if successfully completion, You need some information which is helping your into FTP A/C setting like I am giving you example.


Hostname: Server Address where your website hosted.

Username: Valid FTP Username

Password :  Valid Password for Access FTP Server.

Port: FTP port address.

For Example:

Here I am using Hostgator Hosting server for my website, bellow I am shoeing my a/c Information.

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Username: abc123@

Password :  *********

Port: 21

If you have all upper given information then you are ready for configuration. you can connect your website hosted server by help of type first direct “Quick Connect” option panel, and second is by “Site Manager”

1. Connection by help of Quick Connect bar.

Fir this option you need to put your information into quick connection option related text field then press “Quick Connect” Button, check bellow screenshot. Now if your account information is correct then your server is connected to your ftp client.

2. Connection by help of “Site Manager”

This is a best option, I also prefer this option, I mean if you configure here your server connection then you can access your webserver any time. For this configuration you need to go on “File” menu and choose “site manager” option.

site manager

After click new configuration windows is open like bellow screen, here put you configuration related information then press “Connect” button.

 site manager after fille property

Same as like previous if your information is correct then your ftp a/c will be successfully connected to your FTP client.

How can I upload my website using ftp?


How to upload a website?

If you want to upload your files on your server then you can directly move your files to your server by help of drag and drop, after successfully connect your filezilla client have two main panel one is local commuter and second have your server directory structure.

You need here select your files from local computer drag files to server directory where you want to upload these files.

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