How to Get Facebook App ID and Secrete Key (Facebook API Keys)

Facebook App ID and Secrete Key, Everyone knows about Facebook social media website. Facebook is largest social media website in all over world but lots of other websites are available on the internet world. Facebook website play best inter-mediator role like as a collaboration community. Facebook giving you best features like you can update your status on your profile and can share with your friends, and your friends can give you his/her review about your status by comments. Facebook website have another lot’s of major features like video sharing, file sharing, video chat support, tagging, page creation, group creation and question and answer and many more. Ok now go to main object, here we discussing about Facebook API ID and Secrete Key.

Before telling anything abut API Key, I am sharing some useful information about Facebook APP.

Facebook App is a best way which through you can directly share your website status on your Facebook page without touch your page. means if you are updating your website then you can share your status directly on your Facebook page by help of Facebook app. before this sharing you need to create one Facebook app for your website, through which you can authenticate your website into Facebook Database. When you create any app into Facebook, Facebook provide you one App ID and Secrete Key which is helpful into authentication process.

But various other options are available in internet world and user want to share his status directly on multiple platform without time loss. This is possible by help of app authentication. Under this post “how to get Facebook APP id and secrete Key” I am showing step by step tutorials how you can create Facebook app ID and secrete key. App id and secrete key provide you authentication for read and write permission on Facebook.

Step by step process of creating app id and secrete key

Note: Before starting this step by step creating facebook api key demo post, you need some basic requirements. which you need to fullfill.

1) First you need a valid user name and password which through you can login your account, through which you want to create your App ID.

2) If you not have verified mobile mobile no into your profile, then you can create successfully create your app ID that’s why first verify your mobile no.

If upper given both requirement you already have, then now you can start your step by step process.

Step 1: First login your account by help of user name and password.

Step2: After successfully login, type command into URL address bar

Create facebook app id and secrete key

Step 3: Now you can see top developer menu bar on top section of developer page, Here one sub menu “Apps” is available here you need to select apps menu. Apps menu have another sub menu “Register as a Developer“, if you want to create your Facebook app id then you need to click on this link, after click you can see screen like below.

register as a developer

Step 4:  Now time is another step, here you need to click on “advanced setup” link, after that another app id creation wizard is open. for next process follow given further steps.

cliclk on advanced setup

Step 5: Now time for main setting, after select “advanced setup: link,  you can see bellow given screen then inside this step  you need to fill some information into required feed. Put your app display name, namespace value into text field, which you want to set into your app, after successfully fill required field hit “Create App ID” Button.


Step 6: After hit button, you can see captcha pop up, put valid text that are given to captcha image then press submit button.


Step 7: Now time is the next step, first go to top menu bar and click on app button then go to left side options panel, here you can see multiple sub option are here. Select setting option; fill all information on Basic tab form. Put you app display name, App Domain Name, contact email. After filling form, press save changes button.


Step 8: Again another Facebook app creation pop wizard is open, Bellow I am giving screen view which you can seen on your display. Now you need to select website option again; here you also can see your previous necessary tab setting, which you put before. Now you need to put your website URL into site section then hit enter.  Again another one pop up are show for app visibility settings. Now you should press confirm button. Bellow i am giving you all necessary steps screen view which you see on you display when you follow all given steps.

put-your-website address



If you successfully done all previous steps,now your Facebook app id and app secret key is ready for use.


Hope this “How to get Facebook App ID and Secrete Key” demo is proving helpful for you, if you have any query and suggestion about my latest post, your most welcome. If you like my post please shares on your social profile.