How to Find Competitors Keywords? – The Ultimate Guide

Traffic is all that you need to survive a blog or website, for a short period or even for a long period. Without, traffic, blogging and any kind of Internet marketing would be like food without taste. There are already lakhs of website live on the Internet, all of them got different traffic. If we want to compare any of the websites, the first comparison factor would be traffic that how much traffic the website is actually getting. Hope this is enough to understand the importance of traffic.

Now, under traffic, the most relevant and important sources are the search engine or we say that the traffic that matter the most for any blog or website is the organic traffic that we get from the Search engines. There are further a lot of tact’s and facts that you may know before getting started to think about getting high organic traffic to your blog.

The process of getting traffic from the search engine starts from making your blog or website great up to the extent that the search engine would love to index your website or blog higher in the search engine results. This process of optimizing your blog or website to get organic traffic is known as Search Engine Optimization or shortly and sweetly as SEO.

Further, there are a lot of things that we can do for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of our blog or website. One of the most important factors is the use of keywords throughout the content of our blog or website.

Whenever somebody has to find something on the Internet or want to get their work done with the help of Internet, the only most relevant way to do so is to make searches using various keywords in the search engines. Now, as the population of Internet users all across the globe is very high and, therefore, the number of searches and thus, the number of keywords should also be very high, and it is in the reality.

Daily, millions of searches are made on the popular search engines like Google with the use of thousands of keywords. Different people may need to search differently, and this is the only cause that why so many keyword searches exist.

Let me give you a short example. When somebody searches on Google search engine, it will suggest you a few suggestion under the text box where you’ll be searching which are the most related and relevant to the keyword related to you. But why?

As the world population is very high, so there may be a lot of people which may have searched, is searching or will be searching the exact keyword that you are searching or something related to it. So, Google owing to his smartness will display you the keywords of some very popular searches.

Now, on searching a single keyword, it displays thousands of search results in the form of green and blue links to thousands of websites and blogs. It shows the search results based on the keyword you searched for and many more factors.

The keyword is the most preferred thing that matters to the search engine regarding displaying the most relevant search results. That’s why the first ladder to have success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also the proper and wise use of keywords.

Use of keywords is still later, but the very first thing is to find the keywords that so many people already are searching for and will also be searching in future. There is no use of writing and publishing content with such keywords which actually no body searches for. You should be preparing content that people are actually looking for on the Internet.

Finding the keywords is not an easy job as the most of the newbies think off. But it may become easy if you make use of proper tips and tricks along with a number of awesome tools. The easiest way to find out the keywords to use for your blog or website’s content is to research about your Competitors keyword.

You can find out the keywords which your competitors are already using to get traffic from the Search Engine. And you can build your own content with the use of that keyword, and you can also get high organic traffic.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to find competitor keywords to get huge organic traffic. Now, keyword research can be done in many ways. There are a lot of methods which people used, are using and will be using in future to research about keywords. I personally use a lot of methods to research the keywords, and I think that my methods are quite successful in getting enough organic traffic for me.

Today, I am going to tell you three methods to find your competitors keywords. These are:

  1. Keyword Analysis using Google Search (The Simplest way)
  2. Keyword Analysis using SEMRush
  3. Keyword Analysis using Long Tail Pro

Let me discuss each method listed above in detail and tell you how to find competitor keywords using them.

Keyword Analysis using Google Search

This is a quick method in which you find the keywords without knowing the details of keyword actually. I mean you find keywords but without knowing the competitiveness of the keyword. In other words, this method will help you just to find out the keywords for you but will not tell you anything like, how popular this keyword is and how difficult it will be for you to rank up in the search engine results with your content with the use of that keyword.

Here I want to tell you one more thing.

Competitiveness of Keywords: As I already tell you that, there are a lot of keywords, and different keywords are of different competitiveness nature. There are some keywords that have a lot of searches and as well as have a lot of results. Then. In this case competitiveness of keyword would be high and it will be difficult for the newbie to make use of that keyword and to rank good in the search results. On the other hand, there are some keywords that have the good volume of searches but do not have enough results. This type of keywords would have less completion and it will be easier for a newbie to make use of that keyword and to get the good position in the search engine results.

Coming back to our first method to find competitors keywords, Google Search Simple Method.

Try searching with the keyword that you may thing that your competitor is using already. Let me explain you with the help of an easy example. Assume that my competitor is ABC, which is using the keyword, “how to write a blog”. Now, I want to find some keywords related to this particular quickly. I can easily find so or research so using the simple Google search.

Here is how. I will search Google with the keyword, “How to Write a Blog” and will see what suggestions, Google is giving. You can see in the following screenshot I made the search of the keyword and it displayed a few suggestion keywords.

A (4)

You can clearly see in the above screenshot that it is displaying many related keywords that may be used by my competitors as well. I may try these keywords for my blog or website as well. Thus, this is the simplest method to find the competitor keywords.

But this is a method that is just based on estimation. You will be unable to find out how competitive the keyword is and how many people are searching for this keyword. But these two things, competitiveness and the volume of searches are the most important things that you should know before preparing content. As if the keyword will be very completive and already there would be a lot of content on the same keyword, then you may not be able to get a good rank in the search engine.

To know about the details of the competitiveness of the keyword and the volume of searches you can make use of a free tool offer by Google, which is Adwords Keyword Planner. This is a tool that is to do a keyword search for the Good Adwords Ad but webmaster also use to do keyword research for Search Engine Optimization purposes also.

Keyword Analysis using the Tools

Now, let us learn how to find competitors keywords like a professional webmaster or SEO master using some tools. I will be demonstrating how to find competitor keywords using the two Best Keyword Search tools, LongTailPro, and the second one is SEMRush. Both the tools are very popular in the SEO and Keyword search market and are already being used by a lot of Internet Marketers, Bloggers, Webmasters, Developers and other professionals as well.

  1. Using LongTailPro

LongTailPro is a premium tool whose premium version that is known as LongTailPro’s Platinum version is available for $37 with their monthly plan. But you can make try it free for ten days using the Trial version, but you will not be able to have full access of its all features in the Trial version. For the tutorial, I am using the Platinum version of LongTailPro.

Here is the screenshot of the main window after opening LongTailPro.

A (10)

I am quickly giving you the tutorial to find out the competitor keywords using LongTailPro. You need to first setup LongTailPro using your Google Account and the SEO Moz account. To know how to do so, please see their official guide that they give along with LongTailPro.

Assuming that you have completely setup LongTailPro, I am showing you the way to research the keywords.

The steps to be followed are:

Create a New Project and customize its settings accordingly.

A (5)

Now add the seed keywords and choose the options that you want to include in your research such as the Local Search Volume and Global Search Volume. A screenshot is given below of the same thing. You should include the keywords in the Seed Keywords box, related to whom keywords you want to find.

A (6)

I have added the keyword, “How to Write a Blog” and it will now display about 800 keywords related to my seed keyword that I may use as my competitor’s keyword. It will take some time to compile the final results. Then after that, you may find the competitiveness of keywords one by one and will also know the things like search volume and advertiser’s competition as well.

You can see the following screenshot that is displaying the final results. It is displaying about 801 keywords that are most relevantly related to my seed keyword. LongTailPro has an amazing algorithm that can detect how easy and difficult it would be for us to rank up with that particular keyword.

A (7)

It gives a competitive score on the scale of 0 to 100 to each and every keyword. Lesser the score, easier it will be for us to rank with the keyword and greater the number, it will be difficult for us. To find this score, in front of the keyword that suits to you depending upon the search volume or other factors, click on the Calculate button under the Avg. Keyword Competitiveness Column.

You can see in the following screenshot; I have found the competitiveness of a few keywords.

A (8)

Thus, like this, you can easily find competitor keywords using LongTailPro. Isn’t this method a great way to do keyword research and to judge the competition with complete details?

  1. Using SEMRush

SEMRush is an online premium tool but is fully loaded with features. SEMRush is not just a keyword research tool, it is much more than it.

Here is the screenshot of the homepage of

A (9)

Using this awesome tool, you can make the search using keywords and using the domain name as well. SEMRush has the databases of Google Search Engines Results of many countries all across the Globe including the Google Search Indian database as well.

Let me quickly show how you can find the keywords which your competitor is using to get high organic traffic.

Simply search with the domain name of your competitor and you will able to get full details of that domain name along with the details of the keywords which your competitor is already using to get huge organic traffic to his or her blog or website.

I am giving you an example. I searched for the domain of my competitor and it is showing me the full details. I just scrolled out to the keywords section and where it is showing the keywords which he/she is ranked up well and is getting the top traffic from them. Here is the screenshot.

A (1)

Likewise, you may know many more things related to that domain name such as the organic position distributions and the competitor of that particular domain name. But I am skipping all of that for now, as they are not the part of our today’s topic.

And if you would have the premium subscription of SEMRush, you will be able to research about thousands of keywords but as I am using the free version, it is displaying just the top 10 keywords of the domain for which I have searched for.

Similarly, you can do your research by using the Keywords with SEMRush and one thing which is among the great features of SEMRush is the country wise database.

Although the research using keywords is very similar to the research using a particular domain, let me show you an example for it also for better understanding.

In SEMRush, I have made the search of the same keyword as of the above two methods, “How to Write a Blog” and it displays me the results as shown in the following two screenshots.

A (2)

A (3)

In the first screenshot, you can see that, it is showing me the basic data about the keyword such as the volume of the searches and number of results which are shown when somebody make this keyword as a search on Google.

In the second screenshot, you can see that it is showing the position of various websites or blogs in the Search Engine results and it also showing the ads copies as well which will be helpful for the advertiser’s keyword research.

Hope, you understand that How SEMRush is an awesome tool to find the competitor keywords easily.

Thus, by using the above listed three methods, you can do keyword research properly and can get a lot of organic traffic to your blog.

If you are already as SEO or a blogger or a webmaster ranking with a lot of keywords which holds good position in the Search Engine and also getting Good organic traffic, please share your technique about how to find competitors keywords or to do keyword research.

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