Download BBM for PC/Laptop/Window 7/8/10(BlackBerry Messenger)

Download BBM for PC, BBM (Black Berry Messenger) the best messaging app ever been created, It’s because of its security and reliability. When the app was started it was only available for BlackBerry Smart Phone users. But later in the years the users of Android smart phones has been a lot of in worldwide. So the Company released BBM for Android, Windows Phone & iPhone too. But what about computers I mean we do a lot of work in our Pc & Laptop to communicate with people around in our network and it Is bit easy if it is through the computer and laptop because  Big screen, good typing & multitasking and lots of thing are easy to do in those.

So we need the BBM in our PCs & Laptops too. But the problem is that company does not provide BBM for Pc & Laptop. But the solution is that there are lot of developers who made a software named “BLUE STACK” by using it you can run many apps which are available for Android.

So let’s see Step by Step how we can run BBM in Windows (Xp, Seven, 8.1) and iOS.

Thing you need before get you start

  • Internet Connection and This Post J

Step 1 – Downloading BlueStack

In addition to run the android Apps in PCs, BlueStack is a best App player available free. As soon as you will install BlueStack in your PC and Laptop, you will be able to run the BBM in you PCs and Laptop as well. So all you have to do, is to do the following –

  1. Download the BlueStack from the official website :
  2. The downloaded file will be of 13.58 MB but that is not the all, so you need to stay connected to internet because this software uses some sort of data, which it downloads after installation.

Step 2 – Installing BlueStack

Just run the setup which will be on your screen as a shortcut. And follow these steps.

  1. After downloading Just run the setup and click on continue.
  1. Now choose a path where you want to keep its App data. All the data of Apps will be going into that folder so keep it in mind where you set it. Recommended is “c:/ProgramData”.

Bluestack saving data location into local drive

  1. Now just click on install and you will see this screen which is of installing BlueStack player in your PCs. It is just installing the software components in your Computer

bluestack player-software-installation-process

  1. Now after installing it is not yet done for using it, so you have to provide internet connection to it because it will download some extra data that is must for BlueStack to run on you system. So let’s take a look into it:

A screen wills pop-ups after installing for downloading the required data. This step is performed by the software because these data packets cannot be available in a setup packet. Because that data is something that need to be bugs free and updated. So this step is more important.


  1. Now you will see it will start installing. It will take a while to set thing up so relax sit back and wait a while.
  1. Now for first startup it will ask you some details and permission. All you have to do is click on continue and you should probably have a Gmail account too. If not go create it for free.
  1. Now it will ask you for a Google account so it can store your app data to cloud, So if in case you ever get any error and you reinstall it you can get your Apps there on the list and yes it make easy to purchase apps from App store.

Simply just click on New or Existing and go further.

google account

  1. Now you just completed the installation of BlueStack in you system. And now you will be able to install BBM in you Pc and Laptop. Now just click on “let’s go!


Step 3 – Downloading and Setting Up the BBM

  1. Start the BlueStack if closed. Now click on the Search icon on the BlueStack.

Search New Apps into Bluestack Player

  1. Now type BBM on the search box and you will see the BBM App in the result. Like BBM you can also find many other Apps there on the store.
  1. Now just click on the App and Download it and wait for go. It will install in couple minutes, depends on you connection speed.


  1. Now After completing the download open the App by clicking open. And for later in you do not wants to open it now you can come later and open the BlueStack, you will find BBM App in your App list. But for now open the App.


  1. You will see this screen on next. That means you are up. You can use BBM on your PC and Laptop. Just need to set things in BBM. Like entering your email and Name Etc.

runing app

So what just happen? You just installed App Player software to run BBM. The BlueStack is based on running Android Apps on your pc. It creates a platform which runs on a firmware and it makes thing easy and allow user to run Android Apps on their PCs.

So that’s it guys now you can use the BBM in your laptops and Pcs. Hope you enjoyed it.