Best URL Shortener Sites to Shorten URLs & Earn Money

If you are looking easy money making method, then you will love this write up in which I am going to share how you can make $$$$ with best URL Shortener.

The best part?

All url shortner service in this guide are tested by me before sharing with you.

Let me say thanks to Internet World offering different money making ways like article writing, blogging, and social media promotion, making YouTube videos etc.  Anyone can earn money online.

What? Anyone

Yes, I said anyone.  Only what you need to find out in which you are good.  For example: if you enjoy writing poetry then going to Google and find best poetry blogs.

First of all, collect founder emails or whatever they offer to contact them.

Now shoot them email with your poetry.

Some People do silly mistake like they say they are in good in XYZ but nothing to show.

How a stranger will believe in you that you are Expert or good in XYZ if you have nothing to show.

Always shoot email with your work sample.

Ahh, Are you thinking I said make $$$$ every month without doing nothing. And now I am saying do this and that.

My friend there is no way to earn money doing nothing.

To earn single penny only, you need to work.

Sometime our past works pay in present also, in this condition, we say today I made $$$$ without doing nothing.

You have heard this line many times if you are blogger or a person who interest to earn money online.

Now let me start without taking no time.

What are url shortner?

In Simple words URL Shortner is an platform who offers you facality to make your url shorter in length. It is done by using a redirect on a domain name that is short, which links to the domain name that has long url.

For example:

Links before shortening :

After Shorteing:

Some url shortner offers you money making facility by converting your links into earning ones by adding an ad layer.Your visitors see an ad layer before reaching at destination page and you are get paid for this.

For Example:

Links before shortening:

Shortening Links:

How to start Earn Money with URL Shortener Service without doing anything?

First of all join best url shortner service. To join any url shortner, fill signup form, they send you an activation email, click on activation email and all done. Yes, mostly shortener services support instant approval. I personally use  Since they are trust worthy and their shortened links look clean as compared to others ones.

Note for Bloggers :  Never go with such url shortner services who makes your short links with fully packed with ads. Such short links make your visitor confused and they leave your website and go to another one. I know you don’t want to lose your visitors.

Here are the ways which mostly url Shortener offer you to make money.

1). Converting Non Monetize Links Into Shortned Links

2), Embed Shortned blog post links into Yourtube Videos

3). Sharing L  inks on Social Media

Let me describe each method briefly.

Converting Non Monetize Links into Shortened Links

In simple words, Non Monetize links are those links which have no option to monetize like no affiliate program.

You are getting daily massive traffic at your blog but when you analyze, you see there is no option to monetize them.

You are sad.

If you are the one of them, this method is for you.

As you join url shortner, they offer you to install their script into your blog/website which convert your all links into shorten url.

Note: Never install their script into your blog. Off course you love your readers as I do.

Here is step by step procedure what you need to follow to make money using this method.

1). Analyze your blog traffic

2). Note the blog post url at which you are getting massive traffic daily.

3) Analyze the targeted audience of your blog post. If they are blogger, then don’t convert these links into shorten urls. If they are others , then it is good post from which you can earn money by using url shortner.

Here are some examples of post type in which you can add shorten links and make money.

  1. Best Torrent Sites
  2. Best Movies Website
  3. Best Sites to Download Songs

Hope these examples are enough for you.

4). After analyzing audience, note all links which are used in blog post and go to url shortner and manually convert them into shorten urls.

5). After creating shortened links, add them into your blog post and click on update.

6) You have done, now check your url shortner dashboard in next morning. You will see some dollars if you have good traffic, if you have less traffic, you will see some cents.

Embed Shortned blog post links into Yourtube Videos

If you are youtuber, then this method is for you to add some extra $$$ to your Youtube income by using url shortner.

Your channels already have several videos with large number of views.

Follow below steps to add some more cash into your Youtube Videos earning.

1). Analyze which videos are getting more hits, I think it is not tough job for you.

2). After analyzing, convert your youtube videos description urls (which you have added in youtube video description) in shorten urls using url shortener.

3). Ah, are you the one whose videos have not description, no worry my friend, add descrtion you’re your shorten url.

4). All done

Using this method, you will able to make some $$$ not every day but per month without doing nothing.

You just need to do 5 -10 minute work.

Sharing Links on Social Media (Not For Bloggers)

Are you the person (not blogger) who gossip with friends at social media at 12 hours?  And you have thousands friends at social media.

If yes, then this method is for you.

Follow below steps to earn money with url shortner while doing fun with friends.

  • Sign into your facebook account and find and Join active groups with large number of peoples, same you can do for Google+ community.
  • Find any viral content site or you can use , or any other website which share trending content.
  • Now pick any post url which you think will get more clicked at social media.
  • Convert blog post url into shorten url. If you don’t know how to make url shorten, then don’t be panic, I have shared method below in this post.
  • Now share shorten urls at your profile, groups and communities.
  • Repeat this task when you have free.
  1. This method is not for bloggers.

Now you learn the ways to make money with url shortners but don’t know about best url shortener services.

Here we go.

Best URL Shortener To Earn Money By Shortening URLs

These are the best URL Shortener, I will share my view about each Shortener very soon.