5 Best Rummy Websites in India

Rummy is one of the most entertaining and popular card games of all times. The game originated in India and its popularity rapidly spread all across the world. Now there are millions of rummy players globally. With the advancement in technology, a lot of online rummy games have come to the fore as well. Nowadays, online rummy is more popular than its offline counterpart because there are various variants of it available online. One more benefit is that they give you many welcome bonuses on signing up and allow you to compete against other players.

Best Rummy Websites in India

Now, there are many rummy websites available online, and you might get confused as to which one to choose. Let us have a look at some of the best online rummy websites in India

Junglee Rummy

This is a relatively new website which came to the fore not so long ago. This site has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs and attention as it is different from other websites and offers a whole lot of features to the users. It is one of the fastest growing rummy sites. It has advanced gaming features and enhanced rummy tables. The user interface is very attractive and the tables on the site offer multiple themes as well as better performance. The best features are 3D rummy tables, avatars and welcome bonuses.

Rummy Millionaire

It is a very good website which offers up to Rs.1000 bonuses when you sign up with them. It provides a superior gaming experience with its amazing graphics and awesome features. You can choose any avatar and play with thousands of opponents from across the globe. The best thing about this site is that it provides realistic opportunities for earning good cash, making it one of the best online rummy websites in India.


It is one of India’s biggest online rummy websites. It has a very unique and attractive user interface and offers the users many variations of the popular 13 card rummy game. It also holds various tournaments which are real fun to play. Besides this, you can earn free cash and other rewards by winning these tournaments. When you start the game, you will get a top view of the table. In this, the wild jokers are marked with a joker symbol on them which makes it easier to realize. This makes sure that you cannot discard a joker by mistake as they are clearly visible. The best thing about this site is that on adding money, you get various types of bonuses which you can use in the game to earn rewards.


This was the first 13 card online rummy game that came to the fore in India. This is also the first website to offer 13 cards to play rummy online with cash. It’s the oldest site in India and the unique interface of the tables and daily tournaments make the game much more exciting to play. Moreover, if you are a cash player, then you are awarded with extra chips every single week. It has a beautiful lobby as well as tables and it can hold up to 2500 players at a single time. It is very easy to join cash rummy games and since the site loads on very little data, therefore you will rarely have any connection problem. The best thing about this website are the extra time feature which comes in very handy as well as the amazing graphics.


Adda52 provides many card games and rummy game is the latest addition to their website. You can play both 13 cards rummy as well as the 21 cards rummy on it. The best thing about this website which makes it different from others is that it offers daily promotions as well as tournaments, which provides the users with a great chance to earn bonuses and rewards. This website has an amazing gameplay and offers exclusive prizes to the winners. The background themes in this are very unique and attractive. Some great features of this are chat sessions, notes section as well as advanced button.

The Last Words

So these are the best online rummy websites in India. You can go to any of these and play tournaments and earn rewards and bonuses every day.