15 Best Free Android App of 2016

Over the recent years, the Google Play app store has grown to such an extent that you can install an app on your smartphones to cater to almost everything you need. 2016 saw a huge rise in the number of mobile applications developed by various companies whether a big or a small one.

However, the problem is that every other company is ready with hundreds of apps and you get thousands to select from when you want to download. It often becomes difficult to find the best serving Anroid, iPhone or Windows app for your smartphone to ease down your day to day browsing  and management on your smartphone.

This is the reason; we have come up with an amazing list of 15 Best Free Android App of 2016:

Top 15 Best Free Android Apps of 2016

1) Android Device Manager

This is a simple yet useful app which basically tracks your phone in case it is lost or stolen. You simple need to install it on your Android phone and login to their website. From here you will be able to see the location of your device, reset the lockscreen PIN of your device, wipe it remotely and even make your phone ring in order to find it. It is always ideal to use this application with the lock screen PIN  in order to avoid malicious engagement.

2) Evernote

This one is surely for the busy bees you see all around. If you are one of them, 2014 brings amazing note-taking app       which is nothing but a digital memory. You can jot down your notes whether you are a student or a professional with loads of responsibilities on your shoulders. So, the next time your boss asks you, it is already on your tips….no Urr… on your Evernote. It not only helps you keep text of your notes, but also helps in taking dictation, photograph the documents and record sounds. Isn’t it amazing to manage your task list of the day without missing anything?

3) MyFitnessPal

Are you health conscious? Then you must not be missing this one, the ultimate app for fitness lovers and health conscious people. This not only coaches you to keep healthy and lose weight but at the same time, this motivates you to check on your daily routine. The app has a comprehensive library with lot of information on nutrition and healthy way along with over 350 exercising options. In addition, it will also help you connect with friends who use this app and this way keep you motivated.  You also get to check the detailed report of your progress.fitness pal

4) Clean Master

There are times when your smartphones demand maintenance. You may be installing hundreds of apps and even if you uninstall some of them, they may leave crap behind. This is where Clean Master comes to your rescue. It finds out such files and helps you have more storage and memory in your phone to perform other functions.

5) MoboMarket

This is a third party store for downloading your favourite app in some unavoidable situations. It may be that you had checked out an app on Google Play store and now when you are planning to download you are not able to trace it. Or there may be times when a particular app got deleted from the store but you really want it on your smartphone. This is when MoboMarket comes into picture. This is one such app that helps you in installing or purchasing apps as easy as the Google Play store does.

6) Moborobo

This app helps in controlling every file on Android based phones. The application helps in organizing everything on your phone for you. You can view, upload or download anything from this app on your phone. It even helps in uninstalling applications in bulk for you. Basically it is nothing more than a file manager for your phone.moborobo

7) BuzzLauncher

Many of us get bored with the regular interface of our phone. There are several people who simply change their smartphones just because of this reason. Now, BuzzLauncher is one such application which helps you change the interface of your phone and you will feel as if you are using a complete different device. Right from home screen layouts to calendar widgets and app drawers, you can make everything look designer. You can create your own designs or even select from a wide range of 200,000 user created designs.

This app is a lifesaver for those who are planning to travel away from their home country. The app translates the words taken on the camera of your device in real time. It supports 36 languages including French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Italian and this can be used in any part of the globe.cam-dictionary

9) Password Box

Anyone would agree that it is too important to secure your passwords these days. Now you can protect your passwords against identity thieves with Password Box. The app helps in managing your credentials of Facebook, banking accounts, Netflix. It creates and generates new password for profiles and guards your information. Thereon, you can access all your accounts with one password.

10) Avast

This one is to secure your phone device from annoying viruses. The tools like virus remover, virus scanner, app manager, firewall and app lock will help you keep your phone safe. It even protects the device from spyware and phishing attempts.avast antivirus

11) All Cast

If you want to stream down the data on your phone, AllCast is there for your rescue. You can cast your Apple TV, Xbox, Amazon FireTV or Smart TV from your Android device and use photos, videos and music. Adjust volume, and playback options without moving from your couch.

12) Better Battery Stats

Although Android gives a basic idea on which apps is eating up your battery, how about knowing more detailed information and solving your battery draining problem. Better Battery Stats is one such application which will not only help you find out which apps are draining your battery but at the same time gives you tips to save your battery.

13) Mint

This is ideal for you to manage your finances without trouble. The application makes it easy for you to detect where your money is going. It is basically a budgeting feature to make decisions on the flight and checking on how much you have spent on restaurants, and even help you decide whether you should go for more expenditure or not.mint-android

14) Umano

Although you have come across thousands of music and reading apps, however Umano comes as father of all. It brings for you in-depth stories read by professional anchors from sources like New Yorker. So, you no more have to dig your eyes into your smartphone next time you want to read the news.

15) Songkick Concerts

It really bridges the gap between the real world and your smartphone. The live concert experience of your favourite artist cannot be better than using this smart app. You can follow your favourite bands and even buy tickets without hassle. An ultimate app for music lovers.songkick-concert

The true idea is to get the best out of play stores and download the best of 2016 and serve your Android device like never before. After all, your phone device is much closer to your heart today, isn’t it?