1000+ Tattoos For Men | Tattoos Design for Man

Getting inked is no more a taboo for anyone these days. There are not only men but also women bearing pain and getting a tattoo on their skin. These tattoos can be about anything and can depict anything which holds importance for them. It can be about any past memory which you want to stick to. It can also be about someone you love a lot and want to keep them with you in any way possible.

There are a lot of lessons that you learn everyday in your life. Each day life gives you numerous chances to learn new things and gain new experiences. Some of the experiences are like this, which you can never forget in your entire life. So you decide to mark them important in your life by getting a tattoo about it. It can be a small picture depicting it or it can be a quote which reminds you of this experience. Not only experiences but it can be a person too. There are several people in your life that you can never forget and do not even want to forget. There is a trend that the people get their spouse’s name inked on their wrist which shows that how much they love each other.

But one thing that you should always take care of that you should always choose an experienced and professional tattoo artist for getting any tattoo done. There is a lot of pain to you have to go through while getting a tattoo done on you so you should always be prepared for it. the needles used by the tattoo artist should be clean enough to use and should be boiled well before using. Anything wrong with the needle can transmit disease from one person to another very quickly so they should be sterilized well before use. Also the color used should be organic and safe enough to use so that they do not possess any side effects.

Usually guys are the one who love to get themselves inked with respect to the girls. As it pains a lot so girls do not prefer to get tattoos and if they go for tattoos then they are very small and preppy one. So men are usually the one which are more interested in getting themselves inked. But sometimes there is lot confusion arises while getting a tattoo done that which design should be inked on which body part. For example a quote tattoo does not look good when done on the back of a man and also a sword design does not look good when done on wrist.

So we are here to resolve your problem and to get you away from the confusion. Once a tattoo is done then it can not be undone easily. For removing a tattoo you would have to go through the painful surgery which is also an expensive one. So when you opt for a tattoo you should think twice before getting it inked on your skin permanently. We have listed out various types of tattoos for various body parts so that you do not commit any mistake while getting yourself inked. There are a lot of tattoos for men listed out here which can really help you out when you are getting a tattoo for the first time in your life.

Tribal tattoos for men

Tribal tattoos are the most common type of tattoos that every men would like to have. Every traditional tattoo is almost black in color because such kind of tattoos for men looks great in only black color. But as this is the time of fusion so many people prefer to have such kind of tribal tattoos which are having colors mixed with the black color. These designs are usually having traditional touch but many people prefer to have them mixed with other modern designs too. Tribal tattoos are such tattoos which possess a typical touch of fierceness and aggression.

There are many celebrities who possess these trial tattoos such as the famous WWE superstars like Batista and the rock. These tattoos can be done on various body parts like upper back, lower back, arms, hands and much more. These tribal tattoos for men depict their power and strength and also compliment their toned body. The ultimate physique of a man always looks awesome with tribal tattoos. Basically the tribal tattoos which are done on shoulder looks the best. These tattoos for men should cover some part of their chest and major part of their forearm. The biceps of a man and the superb work out looks even fiercer with these tribal tattoos for men.

2). Arm tattoos for men

Almost all the guys love to have tattoos and especially on arms. The tattoos inked on arms look ravishing and personify strength in a different way. Most of the people love to have such tattoos on arms which are aggressive and fierce and for this dragon tattoos and tribal tattoos can be a great choice. If you are a newcomer in the field of tattoos and getting inked for the first time then you should definitely opt for arm tattoos for men. These tattoos for men are the most sought after tattoos. They are the most favorite among youth because these arm tattoos for men are very much visible which makes the personality of a person looks even cooler and smarter.

Usually the dragon tattoos spitting fire out of their mouth are the most favorites in the category of arm tattoos for men. Many people used to have such tattoos on arms which were only black in color but now-a-days the mixing of several colors in the tattoos is very much likable. For the arm tattoos for men you can also go for the sword with a snake rolled over it or the horror skull tattoos are quite in for this category.  And if you do not want to have a bigger one tattoo then you can go for the small tattoos like the Christ or name of someone you are really close to.

3). Chest tattoos for men

Imagine a steel body of men with a classic tattoo design on it. Chest tattoos for men having great physique complements him and looks terrific and classy at the same time. The man who goes for a business meetings everyday wearing a three piece suit, when hides his well built chest along with a fierce tattoo on it looks even more stunning. The big area provided by the chest gives large variety of tattoos for men which can be drawn on it. When you get your chest inked make sure it should cover such upper part like neck so that when it reveals a bit it can look sexier.

There are various chest tattoos for men like tribal tattoos, skull tattoos, dove tattoos and many more. You can even go for a dragon tattoo on your chest cause it represents power and smartness at the same time. There can be many reasons to get inked on your chest. It can be for showing love for someone or owing respect to someone. These chest tattoos for men can be a devotional one which owes respect to their religion or culture. It is also not necessary to cover your entire chest for getting inked you can also go for the small tattoos on your chest too.

4). Back tattoos for men

Chest is the part of body which covers our back bone. When you are getting this crucial part of your body get inked then you should always choose such designs which are flamboyant and royal cause it is the most amazing part of your body to a get a tattoo on. When you are getting a tattoo on your back then you should keep this in mind that it would not be able to show off until you remove your clothes. So you should always have such tattoos on your back which should start from your neck so that it can be a bit revealing. You should not waste bearing this much by hiding it under wraps.

The best tattoo to be drawn on your back can be the wings of a bird flying high. It is also important to take care of the colors which you are choosing. If you are going to get tattoos for men which are traditional then you should leave it black only. But if you are getting some modern tattoos then you should always choose bright and different colors for it. You can also go for the epic looking Jesus Christ pictures on your back as they look really different and classic one and you can also get a motivational quote inked along with it.

5). Tattoo designs for men

Body art is the creativity which is done on body instead of those canvases. And body art is something which can not be completed without getting inked which means getting a tattoo drawn on your skin. But sometimes it gets so much confusing that what kind of tattoo should be drawn on our body especially when you are a first timer in this field. And when you finally choose a design you get confused that which is the best body part to try this tattoo on. And this decision should be very accurate as there is no way to undone a tattoo except painful surgeries which are expensive too.

There are numerous types of tattoos specially designed for the specific body parts. There are many examples like you can get a quote tattoo for men on their wrist, a flying wings tattoo for men on their back, a fierce dragon tattoo for men on their chest and a skull tattoo for men on their shoulder and arm. You should always choose the perfect design no matter whether it is large or small it should always be a nice one complementing your body part. You should also take care of yourself after you have gotten a tattoo as there can be many after effects of it.

6). Tattoo ideas for men

Getting inked is a great trend going on amongst youth. There are a lot of reasons behind getting inked. Some wants to do something unique with their body so they decide to get a tattoo. Some people want to dedicate something for their special ones so they decide to get a tattoo for them. Some owe respect by their tattoos and some owe devotion to their religion with the help of the different tattoo ideas. As the designs are different then the body parts on which tattoos are done are also different. Some tattoos are done out of passion and some out of aggression. Some tattoos are the one which reminds them of some special events occurred in their life. Some of the tattoos are only out of interest and they do not hold any significance.

Tattoo ideas for men are of various types. It can be a large one or can be a small one. It can be someone’s name written on your wrist or can be someone’s picture drawn on your back or chest covering it fully or partially. You can also get a tattoo of someone name’s initials on your wrist or hand. It can also be a star drawn on your wrist side or it can be an anklet drawn on your ankle. These tattoo ideas can be used by anyone who can bear a bit of pain and who possess a passion for someone or something.

7). Sleeve tattoos for men

Sleeve tattoos are of two types one is half sleeve tattoos for men and other is full sleeve tattoos for men.  Full sleeve tattoos are the kind of tattoos which starts from the shoulder and end to the full length of the hand. And half sleeve tattoos start from the wrist and covers the half length of the hands. The full sleeve tattoos are very famous among the youth and many people love to have them as they look really cool. There are numerous tattoos available for the full sleeve tattoos for men category.

You can go for the tattoos like bird drawn completely on your arm and make sure you pick bird tattoos of those hawk or eagle which looks extremely cunning and depicts power and strength of yours. You can also select the female portrait which looks absolutely stunning on the arm of a man. Skull tattoos are also the tattoos for men which are preferred a lot by the boys. You can also pick full sleeve tattoos for men like tribal tattoos with fusion designs. Dragon designs and sword designs are also the one which are preferred by many people to be inked on their forearm. The natural aquatic plants are transformed into new ways to turn out to be a great full sleeve tattoos for men.

8). Small tattoos for men

Generally the small tattoos are the kind of tattoos which are opted especially by the females as they prefer such tattoos which causes less pain. But when it comes to the small tattoos for men you should always prefer such tattoos which are black in color as they look more elegant and classy and does not give a girly look. These small tattoos can be about anything and is enough to remind of something special happened with you. Sometimes even the smallest things our enough to remind you of something great that you have achieved or something that matters a lot to you.

There are a large variety of small tattoos for men. You can not bind the category of small tattoos under any category because small tattoos can be about anything. These tattoos can be about something which holds very much significance for you or about something which reminds you of a special person. The body parts or these tattoos should be the one which are revealing one like wrist, fingers, neck or any other body parts on which these tattoos can show off. Even a single word can be drawn as a tattoo to express your love for them. It can also be few lines of a song which you love a lot or which holds a lot of importance to you.

9). Wrist tattoos for men

Wrist is the most delicate part of our body. The skin of this body part is very soft and it pains a lot when you get hurt over here.  So you need a lot of courage while you are going to get inked on wrist. When you rate it on a pain scale then it hurts the most when you get a tattoo on your wrist. When you try to find out for the designs for the wrist tattoos for men then all the design you get are very small because everyone prefer the simplest designs for the wrist so that it does not pain a lot out there. Mainly the designs for the wrist tattoos are usually less for men and more for women. But with some modification in the existing girly designs we can make them perfect tattoos for men.

For the wrist tattoos for men there are various designs small and medium in size. You can go for the designs like bird or bracelet. You can also go for the designs like chains and you can also get someone’s name inked on your wrist. There can be a quote that you like a lot chosen to get inked on your wrist but make sure it should be small one cause it hurts a lot when you get a tattoo on your wrist. Designs like stars and heart are also getting famous for the wrist tattoos for men.

10). Angel tattoos for men

Angels are believed to be the messenger of god who passes on our prayers and wishes to god and guard us on our bad times. They are always believed to be such a creature wearing white clothes and having wings behind them. They are the one having a soft heart and they want to spread peace in the mankind and want them to live with peace. The angel tattoos for men are not feminine as they are understood to be. In fact angel tattoos are even greater than the other tattoos as they are holy and beautiful instead of other kind of tattoos.

Now the question arises that which body part should be used for getting inked with angel tattoos for men. There are several types of angel tattoos which can be drawn on different body parts. There can be an angel tattoo spreading her wings wide which represents that she is spreading the lord’s words of kindness and togetherness. There can be an angel tattoo in which her wings are withering off. An angel along with a devil tattoo can also be drawn at the back to show the two sides of humanity. Each and every tattoo of an angel has its own importance as well as own specific body part on which it can be drawn. Angle tattoos are the kind of tattoos which are really good to be drawn as they always depicts the different aspects of life.

11). Half sleeve tattoos for men

When you are getting inked for the first time then you should always getting it inked on such body parts which are revealing enough to show off your tattoo completely. When you are getting a tattoo for the first time then you should not choose a big tattoo for your skin. First timers should only choose such tattoos which are not so big but a small one. For such small tattoos you can go for the half sleeve tattoos on yourself.  Such tattoos are really trending a lot among the men. Probably these are the most amazing and popular tattoo for men at this time.

Half sleeve tattoos are really beneficial as you do not have to worry about revealing them or hiding them. When you are attending a rock concert or a friends party then you can simply choose funky t-shirts to wear to show off your tattoo. And if you are attending a formal meeting or get together then you can simply fold your sleeves to full and hide your tattoo to give it a professional touch. These are the kind of tattoos which are really getting famous a lot among the youth. Men having biceps and triceps are the most suitable ones for having such half sleeve tattoos. They acquire less space on your body so it is easy to have them on your body.

12. Tattoo quotes for men

Instead of getting any pictures or visuals done as tattoos many people prefer to get such tattoos which are written in form of words and it can be a great quote or any sayings. These quotes can be the lesson you learnt from your life via many incidents or it can also be the one thing that you always want to follow in your life. Such quotes can be the dedicated lines to someone special in your life and it can also be the sayings said from great personalities.

Now the question arises that which body part should be chosen for getting a quotes tattoo for men. It is easy to choose a girly quote when a female person wants to get a quote inked on her but it is a bit confusing to choose a quote tattoo for men. When it comes to choosing the body part you can go for your wrist to write a quote on. It is quite in these days to get a quote tattoo done on your wrist. You can also go for your chest especially the skin right above your heart if the quote is a bigger one. These quotes are really memorable as they are the lessons which remain forever with you.

13). Leg tattoos for men

It is a myth about the leg tattoos for men that they look feminine but actually they are the ultimate work of body art. Legs are not usually the first choice of many to get a tattoo done on. But the one who are crazy lover for getting themselves inked here and there then getting a tattoo done on leg is not a different task for them. if you are a b-boying fan and perform this dance form on your own then getting a tattoo on leg is definitely a cup of tea for you. but you should definitely be able to bear lots of pain because getting a tattoo on legs is not an easy job.

Your legs can swell up a lot and it can pain a lot while walking when you go for a tattoo inked on your legs. You can also suffer with blood rashes on your legs when you get a tattoo down there. So you should keep up with lots of precaution and healing methods when you get a tattoo done on your legs. When it comes to leg you often get confused that which tattoo should be inked on it. it can be a simple tribal tattoo or a royal and large beast kind of tattoo. It all depends upon your choice and your capability to bear pain.

14). Skull tattoos for men

Skull tattoos are the kind of tattoos for men which are damn horrifying and represents a bad boy personality of a person. Getting a tattoo is not a easy job to be done, it is not just getting yourself inked or getting a print on your body part but a person should be eligible enough to carry such tattoos. The tattoos for men possess various categories but the most ravishing one is a tattoo of a skull. The one who is capable enough to carry these skull tattoos for men is the one having a hardcore gym body and steel physique.

There are various skull tattoos for men which can be drawn by any tattoo artist but you should be wise enough to choose a right skull tattoo for you because once you got inked wrong then there is no option to get rid of it except the painful surgery. The best body part for which this skull tattoo is most suitable can be your shoulder and leading to the forearm. You should not be too much enthusiastic about getting a skull tattoo that you choose a wrong place to get it inked. If you are going for a small skull tattoo for men then you can choose your forearm for this and if you want a large skull tattoo then you should always choose your back to draw it. this evil design can be a super cool one if drawn correctly and on right place.

15). Hand tattoos for men

Sometimes people prefer to have such tattoos which are flamboyant and stylish instead of sophisticated and nice. When these types of tattoos are opted then people love to have them on such body parts which are more revealing than hidden. There is no need that these tattoos should completely cover your arm or hand, sometimes even the small tattoos can do wonder to you. people now-a-days are love to opt for body art and it is not a taboo anymore to draw tattoos on your body parts whether they are temporary or permanent one.

For the hand tattoos for men you can go for such symbols which have a personal importance for you or which are really special for you. it is not necessary to woo someone else by your tattoos. You should always go for such tattoos for men which should be convenient for you not for others. You can also prefer such tattoos for men which are having general meaning and also look great. It can be simply a word of importance or word of wisdom. There are many tattoos for men can be draw easily by any tattoo artist like a feather tattoo, or a star tattoo. These simple tattoos look marvelous on hand and also everyone would be definitely asking about them once you get inked.